Tuesday, July 12, 2022

The Gay Agenda is Dead and Gone

Dear LGBT Activists,
We know that you have been bullying everyone for LGBT supremacy for the last twenty years.
And We the People have had enough.
So, for people like you, we have a song to share.
[Sung to the tune of "We're Coming for Your Children," by the creepy predator Gay Men's Chorus of San Francisco]
You think we're bigots. You think you have a right to flaunt your hate.
For thirty years, you've lied to our faces that you were "Born that way."
From the start, you're INCORRECT!
We’ll restore the family, happens bit by bit,
Loudly and proudly, and you'll just have to deal with it.
We will end all the drag shows, abandon San Francisco,
Make men stop wearing dresses, so there!
We’ll restore the truth … and make you tolerant and fair.
You should be worried: We'll convert your friends.
You won’t approve that everyone has turned Right.
And you’ll be disgusted when we all start learning things online
That you kept far from our sight. [Like "Not born that way."]
We’ll convert the public – Yes we will!
Reaching one and all,
There’s really no escaping it, because everyone actually hates RuPaul.
The world’s getting brighter, Gen Z’s MAGA -- and fighters!
We’re calling you out. We’re protecting all the children.
The gay agenda is going down.

The gay agenda is dead and gone.” 

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