Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Decline and Fall of the Daily Breeze

The Daily Breeze has become more left-leaning and less relevant in the expanding news culture. Everyone of us can be journalists, with our phones, our I-pads, our laptops.

There is no longer any reason why any of us have to tolerate the Fake News drivel which assaults us on the local and even the regional newspapers. The Los Angeles Times has become particularly odious, since they have embraced Trump derangement syndrome on an unprecedented level. Their editorial serious "Our Dishonest President" really exposed how dishonest the liberal media have become.

Rob Kuznia, the last great report
at the Daily Breeze

Now, what about the Daily Breeze? They have a Pulitzer Prize-winning reported named Rob Kuznia, He even celebrated the award one year after breaking the landmark corruption scandal of fired Centinela Valley Union High School District Superintendent Jose Fernandez.

He also celebrated with the remaining Daily Breeze staff after he had quit. Yes, he left the Daily Breeze even though he had reached the summit with the newspaper. What happened?

He shared with NPR:

The Daily Breeze won a Pulitzer Prize this week. Reporters Rob Kuznia and Rebecca Kimitch and Frank Suraci, an editor on the small-circulation Los Angeles County newspaper, won the local reporting Pulitzer for a series of stories they did about corruption in a local school district. By the time they received the award, one of the reporters was no longer in journalism - he couldn't afford it. Rob Kuznia now works in publicity at the University of Southern California, where the pay is better. He joins us from our studios in Culver City, Calif.

Ouch! That's terrible. The pay is that bad, that even the most qualified journalists like Rob would rather do something else for a living. That ceratinly says something about the remaining funds which keep hack journalists like Nick Green afloat. Does he even make money as one of the few remaining reporters for that newspaper?

Check out this exchange:

SIMON: Could you - I know you've been over this - could you tell us why you felt you had to leave journalism?

KUZNIA: Yes. I think there were two main reasons. First, I - you know, I could pay the rent. So it's not that I couldn't pay the rent, it's just that there wasn't much left after that. And my girlfriend and I were sort of just living paycheck-to-paycheck and doing just fine, you know. We weren't destitute, but we were saving nothing. And so yes, pay was definitely a big factor. And I think the other one, the other major factor, was more of a state-of-the-industry consideration interrelated with the pay issue. Print journalism, especially at the local level, is a scary place to be right now. And it felt like now that I'm pushing 40, it might be a good time to try something new and to obtain a new skill set.

The paper is going down the tubes, and they weren't making good money. 

I say "Good riddance" to the liberal press, although I am sad that Kuznia is no longer reporting. He actually did a pretty decent job as a writer and reporter. One thing also to keep in mind is that the rents have soared in Southern California. The liberal agenda which many of these media corporations have been pushing is now pushing out their workforce.

Now this was an interesting comment:

SIMON: Jobs are disappearing in orthodox journalism.

"Orthodox" journalism? What is that supposed to mean? I would submit, however, that this elitist attitude is one of the reasons why the liberal media is closing up shop. They act as though their profession has a hallowed aura around it, as though journalists and their filters are above criticism.

They have biases, just as everyone else. They will report certain stories with key edges to them, or they will ignore other stories altogether. The media has become more democratized, from the early days of the Drudge Report to the present day. It is now to easy for casual readers to compare different stories, and also find different slants--liberal and conservative, establishment and populist--for the journalism world to hide the fact that the mainstream press has embraced a liberal mindset and slanted the news accordingly.

Final Reflection

I think it's time for us to continue calling out the biased, slanted reporting of all media, and not hold back our derision. For decades, the large, corporate press held all the cards, and they determined which stories were heard, which stories were suppressed, and they decided which narratives they wanted to push.

Looking back at how destructive and distorted the mainstream media has been all these decades, I'm not surprised that President Richard Nixon had an Enemies List. A lot of the people in the press are deliberately misleading and untruthful.

Now they are reaping what they have sewn.

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