Wednesday, February 14, 2018

URGENT: Tell the Senate to Fix Immigration Problems, Not Amnesty

The groundswell of outrage against illegal immigration has not abated.

President Trump ran on a promise to end DACA, Build the Wall, enforce all immigration laws, and put Americans First.

The latest deal proposed by the White House and working out with a minority of GOP US Senators has outraged enforcement activists around the country.

It's time for all of us to take a stand, reminding US Senators that they took an oath of office to protect United States citizens, not illegal aliens.

For the record, the only Dreamers who matter are our young Americans.

Nothing could be simpler or more straightforward. For the past two days, I have jammed the phones of US Senators from both parties, demanding enforcement of our immigration laws, including the wall, E-Verify, welfare reform, ending chain migration, abolishing the useless and now dangerous diversity VISA program, along with an array of other necessary reforms.

Here is an update from Jeff Schwilk, targeting everyone and anyone who wants to ensure that Washington DC puts the needs of Americans first, foremost, and final:

Take action now (see FAIR email below) to stop the latest mass amnesty push in Washington, or regret it the rest of your life.  Think of your kids and grandkids.  We cannot continue to saddle them with this open border anarchy any longer.  Americans are dying (drugs & murders) daily due to our wide open southern border and lax immigration enforcement.  Too many politicians in both parties are beholden to open border special interest groups and want unchecked immigration (legal and illegal) and “cheap” labor forever.  The American People have spoken loud and clear – AMERICA FIRST!

Also be sure you are signed up for emails at these national groups to stay informed and take action to secure our border and our sovereign Republic:

Since Sens. Feinstein and Harris are 100% all-in for La Raza and illegal aliens, we suggest Californians call Sen. Mitch McConnell and pressure him to only bring a good enforcement bill up for a vote in the Senate.  Call any other Republican Senators you feel also need to be reminded of the America First immigration reform that we all voted for in 2016.  Secure our border; Enforce our Laws.  It really is that simple.

BTW, Sen. Ted Cruz is the ONLY Senator currently standing up for clean enforcement and border security with no America-killing amnesties.  He was the lone vote in the Senate on Monday against opening up a mass amnesty bill debate this week.  The vote was 97-1.          – Jeff Schwilk, SDSB

From: Federation for American Immigration Reform []
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 8:03 AM
Subject: URGENT: Tell the Senate to Focus on Fixing Our Immigration Problems, Not Amnesty

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Federation for American Immigration Reform
URGENT: Tell the Senate to Focus on Fixing Our Immigration Problems, Not Amnesty
This is it. This week. The Senate is poised to squander an historic opportunity to advance true immigration reform, leaving the American people to incur a massive amnesty with hollow promises of enforcement and legal immigration reductions down the road. What happens now is as consequential to this issue as anything that has happened in a decade or more.
And FAIR needs YOU now, more than ever.
Here's what we need to do:
Call your two Senators and tell them that a DACA amnesty in exchange for token and ineffective immigration enforcement provisions is unacceptable. Remind them that your interests – American interests – are the priority and shouldn’t be predicated on a quid-pro-quo for amnesty.
Urge them to only support reforms that secure the border, increase interior enforcement, and reduce legal immigration by ending chain migration and the visa lottery. Most importantly, tell them that as a voting constituent, you’ll be watching their actions very closely.


On Monday, the Senate voted to begin floor debate on proposals to give amnesty to AT LEAST 1.8 million illegal aliens – a number far greater than the existing DACA population.

The open debate is the fulfillment of a promise made by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as part of efforts to end the government shutdown last month.

One thing is already clear this week. Senators in both parties are dead set on ramming through a mass amnesty bill, while giving the American people little to nothing in return.

We need to put their heads on straight. What about securing our borders, protecting American jobs, ending chain migration, and stopping dangerous sanctuary cities? These are the priorities of the American people, not amnesty.

The stakes couldn't be any higher. Unless YOU speak up, the same thing could happen now that happened in 1986: millions of illegal aliens get amnesty, while we get empty promises of weak enforcement.

We can’t let this happen! Here's the contact information:

Contact your two Senators via the U.S. Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121
After you make these calls, use this handy form to email your Senators.
Thank you in advance for your continued help!
FAIR's Government Relations Team

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