Sunday, October 30, 2016

Who Has More Volunteers: Al Murastuchi or David Hadley?

So, which candidate does a better job of bringing in volunteers to help with the cause?

Who indeed?

Check out this advertisement:

One resident visited the Al Muratsuchi campaign office to find out what was going on with this event.

According to his view, only eight people showed up.

Lonely corner

Eight people? That's it?!

In contrast, how many people worked for David Hadley's campaign over the weekend?

Let the pictures speak for themselves:

How about this?

These lovely ladies deserve so much respect, too!

This photo shows how large the Orange Club Turnout was on October 30th, too!

Here are other photos showcasing the incredible support for the Hadley Campaign:

Who has the momentum?

Who has the community support?

His name is David Hadley!

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