Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confronting Torrance City Council About Torrance Democrats and the Abusive SJWs

October 4th, 2016.

Members of the Beach Cities Republicans, and also working on their fight against the Big Green agenda, attended the Torrance City Council meeting with some trepidation.

We were entering unchartered territory, in a sense.

For a long time, conservatives like Tracy and me have relied on working with people of different backgrounds and values.

The previous President of the Beach Cities Republicans--Evan Chase--did a masterful work in reaching out to communities and service groups.

He also tried to make friends with Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

I have no problem reaching out to other Democrats. There are many registered Dems who are voting for David Hadley and for Donald Trump!

Jimmy Gow is a progressive operative, however, who is not interested in working with the other side.

And this has been the problem for so long in Republican circles, especially in the South Bay.

There are certain people we can work with.

But those who are actively engaged in pushing a destructive, perverse agenda cannot be partners in making California a good state again.

Democratic policies in the state legislature are destroying businesses, hurting families, and killing the American Dream.

The latest disruptive behavior of the Torrance Democratic Club President and his SJW colleagues at the Veterans Hall should leave no doubt.

Gow is doing wrong, and he has got to go.

Tracy Hopkins, Perry Johnson, and I walked to the podium during public comment.

Before I spoke, a well-known veteran named Bob Chiota addressed the council:

He's a member of the Social Services Commission, the same Social Services Commission on which Jimmy Gow serves as chairman.

Here are the remarks which I gave to the Torrance City Council:

Good Evening Torrance City Council                                                                                     

My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am citizen of this great city of Torrance.

One September 25th, 2016, I was attending a private meeting hosted by the South Bay Impact Republicans at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall in West Carson.

Our featured guest was Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

The group had received word that protesters were going to come and disrupt the event, so the group organizers moved it to another place to avoid these controversies. Nevertheless, the protesters, allied with radical groups like La Raza and Gloria de La Riva for President tricked one of the organizers.

They stormed private property. They refused to leave to the public sidewalk to conduct their protests.

They blared loudly “Arrest Arpaio” followed by racist go home!”

Repeatedly we asked the group to move to the sidewalk, off of private property.

This protest was already criminal, and then became violent. One of the protesters then stole the phone from one of the people attending the meeting—himself a veteran. One of the protesters pushed a member of our group. Other protesters spit at people. A veteran working at the hall was punched in the face.

One of the protesters called a member of our group—a black conservative and Republican named Louise Outland a “House Nigger” and then called her a “sellout”. The other protesters continued to chant.

When I said the words "House Nigger", there was a loud gasp from a number of people in the audience.

The terms were indeed very offensive.

How many times have conservatives, and concerned citizens in general allowed such abusive behavior to go unchecked or without confrontation or redress?

Who was in the midst of these protesters, justifying their behavior and saying nothing? Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club (who had advertised the protest on his Facebook page). He also serves as the current Torrance Social Services Commission Chairman, which is supposed to take care of veterans matters.

Now, Sheriff Joe is a figure of controversy, and everyone has the right to protest.  But not to break the law. The meeting organizers eventually called the sheriff, and the protesters moved to the public sidewalk.

Sheriff Joe was willing to meet with the protesters—with heavy security from the LA county sheriff’s department.

This was the reception he received.

 And notice Jimmy Gow, standing right in the middle smirking at this disgraceful, abusive display.

I am asking for a motion of censure against Jimmy Gow. He serves as Social Services Commissioner, and yet he joined these protesters, supported then, and even helped advertise them. Perhaps he shouldn’t be serving on that commission in the first place.

Not only that, but I think that all candidates who have received an endorsement from Gow and the Torrance Democratic Club should denounce this behavior and repudiate the endorsement.

Thank you.

After our comments, a few left-wing activists approached the dias to promote a private education program.

In the first minute of their presentation, one of the mentioned La Raza.

Members of the audience grew very unnerved when they heard that name, since I had mentioned in my comments that La Raza activists had attacked our private meeting at the Veterans Hall.

Outside of city council chambers, our team posed for a few pictures:

Then we demonstrated the photo that we had shown to the City Council and to the audience:

Final Reflection

We the People are stepping up and taking back our power as citizens.

We are standing up to the anti-social in-justice warriors of La Raza, and we are pushing back against the abusive antics of Jimmy Gow and the Torrance Democratic Club.

Furthermore, we are holding the Democratic Party in the South Bay accountable for their abusive behavior as well as their destructive politics.

We are not going to be silent in the face of abuse any longer.

More people in the city have shared their outrage and upset about the criminal protests which occured on September 25th, and more people have discussed demanding a motion of censure and/or removal of Jimmy Gow from the Torrance Social Services Commission.

Liberal elements in the City of Torrance have gotten away with all kinds of despicable behavior. Liberals have behaved like spoiled children, getting away with their unruly actions.

Now it's time for more people to step up and demand an end to these abuses.

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