Monday, October 24, 2016

Don't Believe Crooked Al's Sleazy Deceit

Al Muratsuchi is touting Governor Jerry Brown's support.

The same governor who vetoed his terrible, misguided, impious AB 375, which would have made it harder--much harder--to get rid of pervert teachers.

Muratsuchi loves to kick around this "endorsement" from the head of the Torrance Police Officers' Association.

This person is a union leader.

He does not speak for all police officers.

In fact, he is probably losing police support every day, as long as he keeps up this campaign of fraud and deceit.

But there's more on this flyer that exposes Al's deception:

Ask the parents in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and even Torrance.

Those school districts are getting less money compared to other districts in the state.

Torrance may get their 2007 funding levels back in a year or two.

For Torrance Unified, though, 2007 funding was still not enough.

By the way, Julie Shankle was the President of the Torrance Teachers Association, aka the union leader.

She has been a blind cheerleader for Oil Muratsuchi from Day One.

Then there's the strange case of Stacey Armato.

She actually claims that Muratsuchi stood up to Big Oil.

Her man is taking dirty, greasy, grimy cash from the oil companies:

The only reason why Stacey Armato is supporting Oil Muratsuchi is that the Big Green bullies pushing her around demand that she support Muratsuchi.

David Hadley was not involved for or against Measure O. Muratsuchi pushed a hollow stunt to make it seem that he cared, then pulled the legislation when he knew that it would never pass. How could Democrats in the Central Valley go back to their constituents and explain to them that they voted for an emergency, no-interest loan for the wealthy South Bay city of Hermosa Beach?

David Hadley got more legislation of consequence passed than his predecessor!

This is the biggest whopper yet.

Muratsuchi voted for ACA 8, which would gut Prop 13!

Give me a break!

Al Muratsuchi is nothing but lies and deceit.

Just say no to Crooked Al!

Vote for David Hadley on November 8th!

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