Sunday, October 9, 2016

Corrupt Huntington Park City Council Throws Out Honest Colleague Valentin Amezquita

Huntington Park City Council is feeling the heat.

Four of the members are some of the most corrupt, incompetent, and immature representatives I have seen in local governance.

One would think that the residents of the city would have better choices available to them.

With all the corruption going on in the Southeastern Los Angeles area, no wonder so many more qualified people simply decide not to run for office at all.

Jhonny Pineda appointed two illegal aliens to two city commissions.

The three other colleagues approved this outrageous abusive decision:

Marilyn Sanabria

Karina Macias

Graciela Ortiz

These four Corruptitos pulled this crap in greater part becacuse they wanted to cover up for their litany of corruption against the people of Huntington Park.

They are jacking up fees.

They are taxing people.

They have cancelled contracts with good private vendors.

They are giving off contracts to their corrupt friends.

These people are just awful.

Most of them are doing the bidding of the corrupt John Noguez, who runs the darker element of Huntington Park, too.

At the October 4th, 2016 Huntington Park City Council meeting, during the final comment period for councilmembers, Valentin Amezuita spoke, then the other councilmembers railed against him and lied about him repeatedly.

He finally had had enough and told them off.

Instead of respecting decorum, and instructing councilmembers to demonstrate some respect for one another, Mayor Graciela Ortiz called Amezuita out of order three times, then had him removed from the chamber.

Valentin Amezquita

What kind of city council is this?

First, they expand the pot shops, against the wishes of the majority of residents.

Then they block the expansion of charter schools.

They tear up Pacific Blvd, ruining the business climate and hurting the local economy.

They do nothing about the rampant drug-dealing and code violations rampant in the city.

They do they bidding of the corrupt political machine corrupto Efren Martinez:

The council majority approves the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions.

And now they silence and throw out the one honest councilmember!

Check out the video clip here (start at the 54:00 minute mark)!

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