Sunday, October 23, 2016

Conservatives Must Learn This Lesson: Stand Your Ground, and the SJW's Will Flee

The October 20th, 2016 meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans meeting was met with fanfare and protest.

From the outset, I knew the hub-bub about the meeting was much ado about nothing.

Here is the flyer:

We had a diverse group ready to speak to the Beach Cities Republicans.

And within days, we found this Facebook Event page set up for us:

Here is more specific information about the event:

And here's the specific commentary under the event page:

Nothing but hatred. Nothing but racism?

What is going on here?

This is just sad.

Now, there was an event prior this one.

The South Bay Impact Republicans hosted a meeting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Initially, they were going to hold this event in Southeast turnout, at Mattucci Reality,

Then this Event Page came up:

The organizers for the event decided to move the event to a different, sercret location.

That was a mistake.

The SJW protesters who wanted to disrupt this event (not merely protest) tricked one of the organizers, and showed up in full (or rather fool) force.

Here's the video:

They found the event and continued to disrupt.

Eventually, law enforcement arrived and forced them to protest on the curb, on public  property.

Once again, the South Bay Impact Republicans made a mistake.

There was no reason for them to move their meeting.

When criminal protesters want to start something, especially when their behavior is unjust, you don't move  away.

You don't run.

You stand your ground!

Conservatives need to stop trying to stop the conflict, especially when it's someone else trying to foment this behavior.

When a bully tries to fight, you step TOWARDS him, and right away their defenses crumble.

Now, what did the Beach Cities Republicans do?

Well, before I tell you what happened, I need to report that Republican leaders (without getting into specifics at this time) wanted me to cancel the October 20th meeting.

Unbelieveable, yet true.

They feared that something newsworthy or camera worthy might happen (particularly something that comes from me), and it would compromise the club, Republicans across the county, and specifically Assembly David Hadley (R-Torrance).

The overwhelming terror of some Republican operatives in the county leadership is very discouraging to me. Leadership should be about standing up to challenges instead of running away from them. It should be about embracing conflict and confrontation without recrimination or fear, knowing that you have the facts and the law on your side.

If all the illiberal, regressive leftists can do is pound the table, they won't last long.

When there were threats of a massive protest, we informed the restaurant owner.

Then police did step in next, fearful that something destructive could happen. The Torrance city attorney shared that the restaurant owner could not arbitrarily remove someone from the restaurant. If the person committed a crime, like loitering in the area, then they could be removed by the police.

In order to ensure a private and peaceful event, I drafted up a lease for the room for the evening. Only members and guests would be allowed to attend. Anyone who tried to enter who was not invited would be reuired to leave.

Now, check out the "Shut Them Down"" event page again:

They had invited 800+ people to attend.

It looked as though at least 26 were coming.

Guess how many people actually showed up?


Here he is--Ernesto Ayala:

This meme communicates more accurately his impact that evening:

Or whatever else.

Conservatives, it's time for us to stop fearing what the Left tries to do.

They have read the Saul Alinksy playbook, and so have I.

Even though the son of Satan from Chicago (and I am not talking about Obama) claimed that the fear of the thing is greater than the thing itself, the truth remains that we must be committed to doing what is right and not ceding our First Amendment rights because of a couple of arbitrary threats from some dissolute, racist punks.

It's sad, really, to see how university-educated hatred has led to such sad protests.

Very sad, indeed. The Trump supporter had the larger sign and commanded more influence along Sepulveda Blvd!

Don't flee, but stand your ground.

"Resist the devil, and he will flee from ye!"

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