Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crooked Al Muratsuchi Can't Read!

Al Muratsuchi is supposed to be a high-powered lawyer/attorney.

He was also a member of the Torrance School Board.

He sat in the state assembly for one term, as well.

Apparently, he never the legislation he authored, co-authored, or even voted for.

He keeps claiming that his bill, AB 375 was a good bill. Yet the amendments layered onto it turned into a terrible bill which would make it harder to remove pervert teachers from the classroom.

Even Governor Brown vetoed the legislation!

Muratsuchi was a member of the majority party and he could not get this bill passed!

Unlike Al, David Hadley reads every bill before voting on it. He ensures his awareness of the consequences, good or bad.

Apparently, there are other reasons to believe that Al is illiterate.

On Wednesday October 12, 2016, after the League of Women Voters debate,

After the debate, I wanted to talk to Crooked Al about his creepy, deceptive attack signs all over the South Bay.

Here's the first video where I confronted him:

Strangely, Al didn't want to talk to me.

Then he remarked: "I like the 'Make America Great Again' cap you're wearing!"


This is the cap that I wear:

I got this hat from a good friend of mine, Nick the Greek, based in Huntington Park!

Al can't seem to read!

Then I confronted him outside of the debate hall:

The guy was opposed with my "Trump hat" in this video too?

What is this guy's problem?

I think I know what's going on ... Al Muratsuchi can't read!

Do we want a morally and intellectually illiterate representing us in Sacramento?

Not me!

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