Friday, October 21, 2016

The SJW Protest of the Beach Cities Republicans: Where Was It?

The October 2016 Meeting of the Beach Cities Republicans was supposed to be a spooky affair.

Halloween is two weeks away but people were already in a spirited, fearful mood.

It has been a heart-beats of thrills and spills for me, that's for sure.

Within days of the event's announcement in mid September, threats of protests and trouble emerged on social media.

I was not concerned, but I did get frustrated with some people who were very jittery about the whole thing.

One Republican official in the South Bay urged me--twice--to cancel the meeting. She feared that a "record-worthy" event would take place at the meeting, and hurt the Republican brand and candidates in the region at the November election.

So, what started this hobgoblin of troubles?

First, let me share with you the flyer which BCR distributed to the public for the October 20th meeting.

Our meeting featured prominent Latinos in the state of California who support Donald Trump.

The media narrative portends that Trump is an irascible racist. The truth is, however, that Trump does not discriminate against anyone. He has worked within individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds for decades.

In the business world, it simply does not pay to discriminate.

The one comment which set the world ablaze was "Mexico is not sending their best people."

Automatically, anyone who is listening should recognize that he was not talking about all Mexicans. The drug trade, tribalist war culture developing in the country, however, is not conducive to freedom and prosperity in the United States.

Immigrants who come to the United States need to assimilate to our culture. That is not a chauvinist, racist, or jingoist sentiment. It's a policy which benefits everyone. If individuals come to the United States with no interest in embracing our culture, then why come?

Now, the featured guest was Macro Gutierrez, and he is a controversial figure.

He started the group "Latinos Por Trump," which eventually broke into two groups after Marco suggested that the United States would see "Taco trucks on every corner" if our government did not take control of the borders and protect our American Culture and foster the American Dream.

Check out the video below:

Marco is a strong patriot who loves our country, and his comments may not have made sense, but the media's rude, rogue insistence on distorting his words, intentions, and actions were petty and mean-spirited.

Check out these photos from his first rally in front of Anaheim City Hall on August 28th:

I was honored to stand with him that day, too:

Marco and Me

Enough with the tyranny of political correctness, I say,

Of course, the violent, regressive left doesn't like anyone saying anything that does not align with their abusive agenda, particularly from men and women who have dark skin.

Why so much prejudice and hatred among the regressive left? Why, indeed?

La Raza hatemongers at the Sheriff Joe Event
So much so, that the same La Raza thugs who had disrupted the South Bay Impact Republicans event with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on September 25th intended to do the same at the Beach Cities Republican meeting on October 20th.

Check out these hateful posts on Facebook:

Here's a clip showing what these angry protesters intended to do:

Notice the embittered racism of this post.

John Perez (most likely John Paul Tabakian) called Marco Gutierrez a "Vendido", and other remarks which suggest "white-washed Mexican."

Very offensive. Very shameful. The illiberal logical of the Regressive Left is unfathomable.

Now check out how many people had "signed up" to protest:

Here's a photo on the night of the meeting, which shows how many actually showed up:

The "Scary" SJW: Ernesto  Ayala
So, these are the protesters we were supposed to be scared?

Excuse me, "this", since only one showed up!

How sad and yet how funny at the same time. Of course, a little perspective makes all the difference.

One person commented on the event page that the protesters should not go.

Why? Because the law enforcement in Torrance takes their calling seriously: they enforce the law!

Now, check out the "protest" (if you can really call it that), which took place on the sidewalk on the other side of the restaurant driveway.

If you look closely behind Ernesto here, you will see a nice, YUGE Trump sign, because right behind him stood Rogue Matthew from the Inland Empire:

In fact, some of the staffers at the restaurant were more unhappy with Rogue Matthew, predominantly because they wanted something positive, not "Kill Hillary" negative.

But it was all good, and all peaceful.

One source later told me that a small group of anti-social injustice warriors had shown up a little earlier, but ultimately left because ... there were so few of them.


Matthew later informed me about other Trump rallies throughout Southern California, including a protest in  front of the Clinton News Network (CNN) headuarters.

One more profile of Matthew:

Rogue Matthew

And so the uestion remains:

Where Was the Protest?

I sure didn't see one!

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