Saturday, October 15, 2016

Racist Radical Yolanda Gonzalez: A Disgrace to Teachers Everywhere

Three weeks have passed since the La Raza radicals, with Torrance Democratic President Jimmy Gow, attacked a private gathering of Republicans in the West Carson Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall. They had moved their meeting, in anticipation of a hateful gathering of anti-social injustice warriors bent on disruption, absent of morals or principled respect for the rights of others.

What do they have to resort to lawlessness and violence?

What they are fighting for has neither truth, nor facts, nor logic.

They are fighting for open borders, widespread amnesty, and the destruction of the Judeo-Christian values which make the United States a destination for immigrants all over the world. Instead of turning this country into a welfare state for the world's ills, We the People need to demonstrate and export our values.

The liberty which We the People enjoy here can take root and flourish anywhere! Yet key principles must be embraced and respected. The Mexican people are learning to honor and demonstrate their natural rights, accorded to us from the divine love of God Almighty!

If people have no awareness of Providence, they will resort to force, violence, and the coercive power of the state.

Witness the extended abusive protests of the La Raza activists in connection with socialist Presidential candidate Gloria de la Riva:

I confront Yolanda twice.

First, when she started chanting that a black woman was a "sellout."

I confronted her for discriminating against a black woman. She was silenced immediately.

These racist radicals had no idea what to do or say when they were challenged on their abusive talking points.

Check out her scared look in this photo below.

This woman could not look me in the eye when I confronted her for her abusive rhetoric against a minority woman, who was attending a private meeting.

Shameful. What kind of teacher does she think that she is? Does she act like that in front of her students?

And here's more of the ugly behavior that Mrs. Yolanda Gonzalez was participating in.

After the weak and fearful SJWs screamed their loudest to no effect, Yolanda came up to the walk way a second time.

She actually compared the Jews who died in the Holocaust to convicted criminals in a prison. How? She compared the tents used in Maricopa County prisons to "concentration camps."

How dare she?!

Here's more information about Yolanda Gonzalez:

Here is more information for her Facebook profile:

This woman is a ... teacher?!

She also styles herself an "Aztec Princess." Huh?

What kind of role model does she serve for students, then?

She engages in abusive SJW tactics, and is preaching a socialist dogma which impoverishes the many while enriching the very few.

This is wrong. She should be ashamed of herself.

Call Lincoln Elementary School and demand disciplinary action for Mrs. Yolanda Gonzalez:

Lincoln (Pre K-6)              
1200 N. Gordon St.
Pomona, CA 91768
Office: (909) 397-4624

Fax: (909) 620-0982


  1. You badly need to retire.

  2. Why are you trying to incite harassment on a Elementary School Teacher? Pathetic.

  3. Better uestion: why did she join an offensive and ultimately criminal protest attacking freedom-loving Americans of diverse backgrounds?

    How come she is walking in lock-step with a perverse, destructive, anti-American agenda?

    Does she teach this disturbing, disgusting curriculum to her kids?

    She needs to go!

  4. Just as a scientist uses science, a racist uses race. I understand your burden.

  5. I am also a teacher and let me tell all of you, Mrs Yolanda Gonzalez is not just a good teacher, she is also a great person, very well educated, she is not racist, and never uses abusive tactics. It is very obvious the person who wrote this article is slandering her because he/she is a radical Republican who can not stand people who struggle for justice and those opponents to his/her own political party. What a shame that person has to lie to achieve his/her goals. Disgusting.

    1. She called a black woman a "Sellout."

      She mocked a white man that he was getting help from law enforcement because he was white.

      Those racist, invidious remarks.

    2. I am not racist, I am a white woman and my husband is a black man...and we both call "Sellout" to Obama, "Corrupt" to Dona Brazil, as well as we call "Sellout" to Bush and "Corrupt" to Hillary (2 black and 2 white people). That never means racism. So, your article is totally subjective and not credible. That is a false accusation just because she is contrary to your ideas. Period. You have to learn a little bit more about the meaning of racism. According to you, a white person cannot tell the truth to a black person and vice versa because just you think this is racism. Your concepts are totally wrong sir.

    3. Arthur, you're supporting a Sheriff who is known for arresting illegal immigrants without due process, and throwing them in work camp-style detention facilities, and in some cases tents out in the desert. This is libel and you're no more of a reporter than you are a respectful Christian. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. This is the most libelous piece of written work I’ve ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing such a baseless attack on a well-respected activist and community organizer. You really go around calling yourself a Christian?

    What exactly makes you a saint, Arthur? You support a corrupt Sheriff (Joe Arpaio) who is known for arresting undocumented immigrants without due process while running work camp style detention facilities in Arizona, some of which are nothing more than fenced-in tent sites in the desert.

    That doesn’t seem a little racist and morally unjust to you?

    You are a self-righteous instigator spreading lies and misinformation. There was no violence at the Torrence gathering, you did not confront; you called anyone who disagreed with you, including Black and Latinos activists, racists - over and over again. You’re white. You don’t get to call minorities racist.

    La Raza activists are non-violent, they are not racist, they fight for equality and civil rights for Latinos living in the US. You are demeaning their humanitarian work and slandering their movement with your misguided hate speech. Yolanda happens to be a respected educator and civil rights activist, who has been fighting for inclusion, equality, and justice for since the Civil Rights movement.

    I’m sorry to break it to you, Arthur, but you are not a journalist, or a writer - nor are you furthering the word of God. You are a privileged, white, out-of-touch preacher with a misconstrued view of the world. Whatever support you are receiving from the Latino/Trump community I am taking with with a grain of salt because no self respecting Latino concerned with the future of their community or their children would ever vote for Trump.

    The work of La Raza is crucial to the progress of our nation and it is ignorant people like you who prevent minorities from being treated as equals in this country.

    Check your white privilege.
    And proofread your work; you write like a 14 year old.

  7. While you may not agree with Yolanda's viewpoints or tactics, this is no way to respond, Arthur. You are destroying Judeo-Christian values with this post.

  8. I was one of the people at the event. The La Raza people and the Socialist Party people were very agressive and were calling many of us veterans racist, and many other bad names. Almost 70 years old and I have never seen so much hatred towards other people's opinions. The protesters were a bunch of bigots. Not one of them was willing to have an intelligent conversation.

  9. Why couldn't the protesters just leave us alone? Instead they came and tried to shut down a private event. Maybe we should shut down their events. What happened to people being able to have an opinion that may differ from others?

  10. Make America Great Again!