Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cudahy City Council Corruptitos No-Show Two Meetings in a Row!

Cudahy City Councilmember Jack Guerrero was the only city council members to show up to the two city council meetings scheduled for the second and fourth Mondays in the month.

Guerrero notified the public about the no-show corruptitos on October 10:

From the October 10th meeting
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Here's a caption comment:

With friends at the Cudahy City Council meeting this evening. Sadly, the meeting was canceled at the last minute, due to lack of quorum... — with Sergio VasquezDavid VasquezSandra OrozcoFrank DernRoman Gonzalez and Laura Dean.

For the record, Guerrero was expecting to conduct a lot of city business at the October 10th meeting:

This evening, the Cudahy City Council will convene for its regular City Council meeting. Despite significant issues facing the City (including a severely unbalanced budget already three months late, and the likely depletion of the City's general reserve balance by fiscal year-end), the Council loves to entertain non-binding resolutions, serially on a host of topics...

Today, the Council will suggest a non-binding resolution recognizing infant loss awareness month. Conspicuously absent from the resolution is any reference to the evils of abortion. I will propose an amendment to the resolution to include condemnation of Roe v. Wade, and solidarity with families, women, and the victimized children impacted by the horrors of this practice.

Today, the Council will also consider a non-binding resolution condemning "hateful speech directed at Muslims..." I will propose an amendment to include hateful speech/ actions directed at Christians as well, and more broadly, condemnation of violence and hateful actions directed at Americans of all religious backgrounds.

And on October 24th, the Cudahy City Council majority of Corruptitos were again a no-show:

For the record, at the October 24th meeting, the council was supposed to honor Nick the Greek for his 41st year as a citizen of the United Staets.

Look at the community which showed up in support for Jack Guerrero.

Here are his comments in full:

With residents and constituents at today's city council meeting in Cudahy, CA; but alas, no council members in sight. Sadly, the meeting is cancelled due to lack of quorum...



This is outrageous!

Two regular meetings cancelled in a row?!

What is the matter with these boys?

This is what happens when voters elect children instead of adults:

They need to go!

No more corruptitos!

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