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LA Times Christine Mai-Duc: Anti-GOP, anti-Hadley Propagandist

The Los Angeles Times is one of the Left Coast's most well-known versions of American Pravda.

The editors will promote anything and everything which promotes a liberal agenda, and tries to split Republicans in this precarious state.

When "Aunt" Janice Hahn hosted her gun-control sit-in (as if!), Christine Mai-Duc went out of her way to play Congresswoman Hahn's compassion and commiseration with the heartache of families who had lost loved ones to gun violence.

Christine Mai-Duc (Credit: Twitter)

The truth is, the Los Angeles Pravda will do whatever it can to make gun-control activists look like centered and well-adjusted proponents, while alienating and marginalizing those who support the Second Amendment and recognize that the disturbing crime rates have more to do with culture breakdown and the lack of swift enforcement and protection in urban communities.

God bless the Police Department, but when seconds count, law enforcement is minutes away.

Now Mai-Duc is looking for more reasons to slam Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance), who is running in a tight right against Al "Big Oil" Muratsuchi.

Here is the first top headline.

This is Essential Politics, our daily feed on California politics and government news. Here's what we're watching:

An independent expenditure committee backed by GOP mega-donor Charles Munger Jr. has spent more than $1 million on one coastal Los Angeles County Assembly race.

State ethics watchdog asks court to force assemblyman's campaign to turn over documents for investigation

An ethics watchdog can ask anything. It does not mean that the candidate has to do it, nor does it mean that the candidate has done something wrong.

Once again, this lawsuit attempt through the FPPC is a dilatory tactic to slow down the Hadley campaign's growing momentum.

The campaign of Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Manhattan Beach) has delayed turning over documents related to an official investigation into his campaign practices, according to court documents filed by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Can a campaign delay turning over something? Anything? People working on campaigns can choose to turn over or not turn over information.

Campaigns are not people, Christine. Your metonymy is very weak and misleading.

The investigation grew out of a complaint from Hadley's opponent, Democrat Al Muratsuchi, that claims Hadley's campaign was illegally coordinating with an independent expenditure committee that also supported Hadley.

The investigation grew out of a complaint from the Muratsuchi camp. They have instigated this insidious charge.

By the way, why hasn't the Los Angeles Times gone after the Muratsuchi camp for failing to list the campaign name and FPPC number on a front page of the Daily Breeze a few months ago?

The 66th Republican Central Committee issued a complaint about this matter. Why silence from the press?

Why did the FPPC kick this back to the Central Committee?

Notice also that there is no indication that Al Muratsuchi or his campaign has been exonerated of any wrongdoing. 

Once again, we have an example in which "some animals are more equal than others."

In a letter to the FPPC, Muratsuchi claimed Hadley's campaign and Spirit of Democracy, a group funded mostly by Republican donor Charles Munger, Jr., shared consultant Steven Presson during at least part of the primary campaign for Assembly District 66.

This is such a nothing burger. This Presson fellow broke away from any connection or alliance with the Spirit of Democracy PAC before joining with Hadley's campaign.

Please, let us move on. Al Muratsuchi's sad sack tactic of blaming all his woes as a campaigner on Charles Munger Jr is just plain sad.

It's Muratsuchi's fault that he did what the teachers' unions told him to do. It's his fault that he could not get out the vote for his campaign in 2014. It's his fault that he did not fight hard for every vote and reach out to every constituent.

In court documents filed Oct. 13, FPPC special investigator Garrett Micheels said he initially emailed Hadley Aug. 4, asking him to voluntarily provide certain records to the commission's enforcement division.

"Voluntarily provide"? Really?

If Garrett Micheels was so worried about crime and corruption, why did he essentially "ask nicely"?

This is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

The records requested included emails, letters and text messages between Jan. 1 and June 7 between Presson and the Hadley campaign, or any other individuals or groups concerning the Hadley race.

"Or any other individuals concerning the Hadley race." Where would this fishing expedition end? Do they want my emails? Do they want the emails of every constituent who is voting for David Hadley? Do they want the emails from all the elected officials in the South Bay who had endorsed and are pledging to vote for him?!

This is a witch-hunt in search of a witch. This is an investigation in search of a crime, which was in fact alluded to by the Muratsuchi campaign, whose handlers had screwed and engaged in their own violation (See above).

The next day, Presson responded that the campaign would require a subpoena to "avoid possible public exposure to sensitive emails within the Hadley campaign regarding our strategy."

Absolutely! What is wrong with a campaign wanted to keep out of the Democratic opponent's eyes and hands their own tactics?

There is nothing wrong with that, nor does it suggest that the Hadley campaign is engaging in anything suspect.

After a subpoena was issued on Aug. 12, Micheels said in court documents, Hadley retained attorney Steve Churchwell, who asked for extensions to produce the documents at least three times, but never provided the records.

When will Muratsuchi produce the documents showing that his millions are coming from special interests like Big Oil?

On Sept. 27, Hadley produced some of the documents, court filings say, but wrote to explain that he was withholding his communications with Presson because there are "hundreds or thousands of such correspondences" that contained "sensitive/confidential campaign communications" that he said he had not had the time to review. As of Friday, the FPPC says, they have not received the rest of the documents requested.

Reminder: Muratsuchi and company are looking for any lame excuse to divert Hadley's campaign staff and resources away from the election.

This is just sad.

Ms. Mai-Duc has no interest in writing about Al Muratsuchi's campaign slip-ups. Where is the column indicating that a judge forced Muratsuchi to remove "prosecutor" from his ballot designation?

Where is the information itemizing how much money he is raking in .... from outside the district?

Where is the expose revealing how many Japanese-Americans, including long-standing Democrats, who have refused to endorse Al and are getting behind Hadley's re-election?

How about the massive backlash which Muratsuchi has faced for his deceptive and immoral signs posted throughout the South Bay, which seemed to tie Hadley and Trump together as a unity ticket?

All of this corrupt and shady, yet Christine Mai-Duc writes nothing about it. 

Talk about shoddy journalism, to say the least.

"There is only one reason Hadley would conceal documents, and that is because he is guilty and is trying to hide the evidence," said Mike Shimpock, a consultant for the Muratsuchi campaign.

Baloney, Mike Shimpock should explain why his client blew off fifteen constituents at a neighborhood coffee on October 25th:

A Hadley campaign spokesman declined to comment and Churchwell did not return a request for comment.

Oral arguments in the case are scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday in the Sacramento County Superior Court.'

All of this will turn out well in the end, when David Hadley returns to the state assembly, and Al Muratsuchi's political career ends for good.

As for Christine Mai-Duc, her article reeks with anti-GOP, anti-Hadley bias, looking for every change to malign or short-change his campaign.

This is all wrong.

No wonder more residents and readers in the South Bay are rejecting the Los Angeles times. One resident told me that he would not even wrap dead fish in a copy of the Times.

No surprise to me.

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