Monday, October 24, 2016

Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel Endorses David Hadley, Exposes Al Muratsuchi's Desperate, Crooked Tricks

Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel is an easy-going guy.

He is a Democrat, along with the rest of his family, but he is common-sense, invested in doing what is best for his city.

He stands up to labor unions.

He wants a good quality of life for his beach city community.

And he is open about his support and political affiliations.

If he supports a candidate, he will not back away.

He endorsed Muratsuchi in 2014.

This time, for Election 2016, he is crossing party lines (just as David Hadley has) and is endorsing the incumbent Republican!

Early on, in 2015, Aspel signaled that he was going to support  Hadley's re-election bid instead of backing FORMER Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratuschi.

It was already a risky move.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party generally does not take well to the locally elected officials crossing over and supporting Republicans, especially one as well-connected and caring as Hadley.

The Democrats did not sit back and accept this decision.

They released a mailer which listed Aspel as one of Muratsuchi's endorsers.

In effect, the Muratsuchi campaign tried to force Aspel to dual endorse essentially, as if the political capital he would have to spend to renounce this tactic would be too great.

Right away, there was frustration among Hadley supporters.

What's going on?

On Sunday evening, October 23rd, 2016, Mayor Aspel cleared up all the confusion, affirmed that he was endorsing only one candidate, our Assemblyman David Hadley.

Check out his recorded remarks here:

It was comforting and encouraging that Aspel stood up to Al Muratuschi and his first dirty trick.

Then he exposed another dirty trick from Crooked Al.

He met with Muratsuchi earlier this month, and there were more whispers about what was supposedly going on.

Then Aspel announced something particularly disturbing.

For a little background ...

Aspel is running for mayor again next year. The election is in March, 2017.

Muratsuchi threatened Aspel: "If you do not endorse me, I will support your challenger, and I will throw a lot of Democratic money his way."

Aspel didn't budge, and did not care.

He is standing with a true representative who cares about the South Bay, not a hollow Democratic machine politician out for raw power at the expense of principle.

Thank you, Mayor Aspel, for standing your ground and standing on principle!

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