Friday, October 21, 2016

October 2016 Beach Cities Republicans Meeting--It Was YUGE!! (Part One)

In spite of the perverse and fearful resistance to the meeting, the Beach Cities Repubicans held their meeting!

It went very well.

Residents from Huntington Park, Downey, as well as throughout the South Bay.

One resident from Lawndale also attended.

At least twenty people submitted applications and joined the Beach Cities Republicans, too!

Our itinerary focused on four Latinos For Trump!

But check out the photos of all the people who came!

And also:

Check out this patriotic couple:

Check out these two members from We the People Rising:

We all gathered together at the end, too:

Here's another great photo,too!

I regret all of those who chose not to come, for fear of the protest.

Oh wait ... there was no protest ...

It was actually a form of entertainment!

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