Monday, October 31, 2016

Stand4Truth: Standing Up to LGBT Bigotry

Our moderator/leader presented to the audience a diverse, well-received community of activists, academics, and articulate leaders who had see bigotry of a different form in the past.

A panel of experts, including a therapist, an attorney, and a pastor who had lived through the Civil Rights Movement, commented on the slow and subversive destruction of our culture because of the LGBT movement.

Matt Staver outlined the disturbing erosion of our liberties at the hands of the militant homosexual lobby:

Here are some scenes from the panel:

Dr. David Pickup

Pastor Dave Welch

Pastor Bill Owens

Matt Staver

Here's the video of their discussion:

Pastor Dave Welch was one of the Houston Five pastors who stood up to the openly gay Houston mayor Annise Parker and stopped the "non-discrimination" ordinance, which would have allowed men to enter into any public facility meant for women only.

It also would have shut down churches, charities, and small businesses owned by conscientious objectors who refused to participate in a homosexual wedding or other ceremony.

If they can stand up to LGBT hate in Houston, they can do it anywhere.

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