Friday, October 28, 2016

From September 25th Sheriff Joe Event: Racist Crazy Black Lady Goes Off

There's a lot of things that I have drawn out of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Event which was hosted by the South Bay Impact Republicans.

September 25th will go on as a day of infamy for the Torrance Democratic and the racist La Raza radicals who tried to destroy our meeting.

Sheriff Joe has faced worse threats and greater hatred, but instead of being fearful or intimidated, we stood up to their hate.

And we won.

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow has gone into hiding.

His cronies connected with illegal aliens and pandering to their entitlements rather than upholding the law have also been on the run.

The League of Women Voters Debate stood out particularly because John Paul Tabakian and his crew of confused millennials did not show up, either.

What could they be hiding? Perhaps finally because more people are exposing their shameful rhetoric and tactics, they are staying away from public events and forums.

At any rate, readers at large should take another look at the hateful, insane rhetoric of racist Anti-Social In-Justice Warriors like this crazy black woman going off on everyone who does not look like her.

Special thanks to Grindall61 for compiling this video:

What kind of stupidity has infected these SJWs?

Don't they have any shame left?

One source--at the event with us--informed me that they were paid to be there.

Of course they were paid. Only someone getting some kind of remuneration would put themselves up to such outrageous humiliation!

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