Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tabakian Refused to Sponsor a College Republicans Club--But Championed Illegal Alien "DREAMers"

If there is one good thing that the Left has mastered, it's how to master a narrative with faulty terms.

If a word is wrong, or misapplied it does not  matter, as long as the term makes people feel good and gives them a sense of something nice.

Blah Blah Blah.

This is total BS.

If there is one word misused so much in our modern political culture, especially in regards to immigration, it's the term "dreamer."

This term refers to illegal aliens who are college age or high school age.

Wait a minute?

What about the thousands, the tens of thousands--no MILLIONS--of legal residents, young people who are struggling in this moribund economy trying to find work?

What about all the young Americans coming out of high school trying to find good paying jobs?

They are dreamers, too!

Mark Levin said it best.

Instead of helping American citizen-youth who need help, Tabakian chose to pander and assist illegals.

Its time to put aside the political correctness.

It's time for us to stop feeling sorry for the ten or eleven-year-olds who live here.

What about our students? What about American kids born here? This country cannot be governed from one sob story to the next.

I have read many stories about young illegals who return to their home countries with other family members. They get in line with their parents, and they come legally.

If we have no borders, we have no country. If we have no enforcement of the rule of law, we have not civilization.
Citizens need not apply

Enough is enough.

Here's what one college graduate shared with me about Tabakian:

In Fall 2014 I started a CR chapter at LA trade tech, that son of a b---h Tobakian refused to sign off as the group moderator, I ended up getting a black PhD guy that was Dem[ocrat] to sign off but his heart is not in the right place. 

It's good to know that there are Democrats, even in post-secondary education, who have an open mind and do not fear an honest exchange of ideas.

He [Tabakian] cited his Latino students and he actually chose to be the moderator for a Dreamer's club.

He coddles illegals on college campuses?! WHAT?!

Those are spots which should be going to Americans, to legal residents.

This is utter arrogant, fascist lawlessness!

It's wrong! I for one want stand for it.

This new development is is very disconcerting.

For years, John Paul Tabakian was telling me that he was invested--obsessed, even--with turning career pathways and trade tech connections into a growing network of future Republicans.

Sure I''ll help you .. if you're an illegal alien!

He wanted to reach out to young minorities and lead them to become Republicans.

Yet it's morally, legally, ethically, and just plain illogically unsound to barter and placate with illegals, as if there is any political clout to gain.

The best thing that any citizen can do in regards to an illegal alien in this country is to ... enforce the law. Either help people become legal residents--if a proper channel exists--or inform then to respect our laws and come into this country legally.

What do you know?

Tabakian had no interest in sponsoring a College Republican chapter at LA Trade Tech College?

What gives?

For a guy who claims that reaching out illegal aliens and biding one's time until the United States government passes amnesty, LA area leaders can play nice and tolerate illegal immigration.

And ignore the young conservatives in our midst.


Call West Cal Academy, and demand some answers.

Tell them that "I am a DREAMER, too!"

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