Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Corrupted" Republican Millennials (?) Helping the Democratic Candidate Al Murastuchi?

Now this is just sad.

The corrupted young Republicans I had written about last night are indeed  helping the Democratic cause.

I wish it were not so.

And yet, what more can one say when looking at the photo below (this photo comes from Al Muratsuchi's Campaign Facebook Wall ...

Still need a little help?

Check this out:

Who are those two in the corner? They look familiar ..

Guess who?

Christopher Castillo and Joseph Lopez.

Christopher Castillo and Joseph Lopez

This is unreal.

I had written about these two young Republicans (if they can still be called Republicans).

They indeed have been corrupted, if they think that frequenting and standing in solidarity with Crooked Al Muratsuchi and his corrosive, illiberal regressive clan of legislators (like the anti-Liberty Ricardo Lara and Evan Low) is doing anyone any good.

Do they not realize that this race, the Assembly race for District 66 is the #1 Race in the entire state?


Why would they be frequenting the campaign office of the Democratic challenger going after the #1 Republican target in the state of California?

What is the matter with these two?!

Does the disappointment grow any deeper?

Who is motivating some of these young Republicans to do such foolish things?

Who indeed?

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