Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 2016 Beach Cities Republicans Meeting--It Was YUGE!! (Part Two)

I had anticipated more people would come.

But it made no difference.

I was glad that those who came, had come.

I even saw Bob Valentine, whom I had not seen for at least a year or two.

People from Huntington Park, Downey, Upland, as well as the South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Torrance, etc) attended.

A few members came up to me after the meeting, thrilled that they had learned about Latinos who support Donald Trump, including Marco Gutierrez.

Our meeting was a pretty busy affair, and we had so many people who came from the debates attend, too!

The four Latinos for Trump who addressed the group were all featured in an article of The Guardian.

Click on this link to learn more.

Omar Navarro, the Second Vice President, was the first person to speak to the group.

Here are his comments.

Then Francisco Rivera of Huntington Park addressed the group.

Men and women in the room were particularly impressed with his dedication to the city he has lived in and grew up in for the past 36 years, which was once one of the most beautiful communities in Southern  California, but has turned into a lawless, gang-ridden ghetto.

Check out his comments here:

It's really sad to learn how the rampant corruption of a once scintillating city could drag it down into a mess where illegal immigration and the reckless disregard for the laws and customs of our country reign supreme. One of his most damning statements followed from an anecdote he share.

He would show young people photos of a nice, clean homes in well-kept streets. Most young people think they are looking at a photo from homes in Downey or the Beach Cities. Francisco is showing them photos of Huntington Park from 40 years ago!

We need to make America Great Again, and enforce our laws, protect the rights of all citizens, and end the corruption and lawlessness.

Then Raul Rodriguez spoke.

He is the head of the California branch of America First Latinos, as well as an active member of We the People Rising. He drove all the way from Apple Valley to speak at this event, and the audience was so impressed.

Rodriguez admitted that he felt a little nervous, but no one could tell.

He gave a telling speech about his efforts to fight for this country, and the American Dream, to stop illegal immigration, and stop the ongoing slaughter of our citizens at the hands of illegal aliens.

Listen to his speech here:

Raul has faced his own version of prejudice and discrimination. Latinos have branded him a sell-out because he supports Donald Trump, and yet Trump is not a racist, and has no record of discrimination against Mexican-Americans.

Our next President, however, must take the leadership to put the needs of Americans first. This nation exists because of the rule of law. If we welcome immigrants, they are called to assimilate to our culture, our values, our way of life.

These are not racist or xenophobic demands, but decent and reasonable expectations.

Then came our last guest: Marco Gutierrez.

He started the group "Latinos Por Trump", and held their first event in front of Anaheim City Hall on August 28th, 2016.

Here are some photos of the event:


Check out all these other people, LATINOS, for Trump!

Marco Gutierrez talked about the assimilation process for him as an American.

He talked about the American Dream that is seeping away in this country.

We have to fight for our country, and we have to stop being limited by the political correctness of our leaders.

Here's the rest of his comments:

For me, as for the other long-term members of our community, introducing these courageous Latinos was really important.

We need to knock the hell out of the lie that Donald Trump is a bigot who wants to deport every single person with brown skin.

That is simply not the case.

He has widespread support across the board from Americans of all backgrounds.

I neglected to mention that Marco Gutierrez drove all the way from Brentwood, California, i.e. the Bay Area, Northern California.

Quite a drive, but they did it for the Beach Cities Republicans.

So glad they came!

Final Reflection

The Beach Cities Republicans had a great meeting October 20th.

We listened to four outstanding Latinos who are not afraid of supporting Donald Trump.

They want a better America. They want to Make America Great Again.

They are not afraid of left-wing bigotry.

And neither are we!

Check out our group's photos!

The Beach Cities Republicans expanded their numbers considerably at the meeting, too.

Members are joining from all over Southern California.

May our tribe increase into the next year!

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