Monday, October 10, 2016

Who ELSE is Behind La Raza Hate in Torrance? Victor Leonel Quintero

Torrance California is a beautiful, balanced city.

We have police officers who respect our rights, and expect everyone to respect our laws.

Some sordid elements are working their illicit ways into the South Bay.

We have a city councilmember in Torrance who engaged in La Raza style SJW tactics. Tim Goodrich thought it was acceptable to stand in front of a jeep, which carried General Tommy Franks inside. He thought it was OK to blast our troops and the War in Iraq.

First Amendment rights are acceptable. Breaking the law and preventing other people from exercising their rights--that is wrong.

And lo and behold what La Raza has been doing.

Notice also that Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow was in the midst of these protests, approving of this disgraceful, abusive, criminal behavior.

The La Raza is spreading fast throughout Southern California, too:

Hostile anti-Hispanic, anti-American elements are upending the rule of law, and putting men and women ... and especially children at risk!

But who else is behind these abusive protests? Who is fomenting illegal immigration, and wants to create political links with La Raza?

Here are some of the hate-mongers who are protesting and instigating violence and hate:

Victor Leonel Quintero:

He was the abusive petty men who flipped off Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

This picture I think best represents his misdirected rage:

Here are some other interesting tidbits about him.

He sympathizes with North Korea, an evil regime which has condemned millions of innocent people tyranny, starvation, and death.

This picture was his Facebook Avatar:

Image may contain: 6 people , closeup

Now this is just sad. Perhaps he thinks that abusive oppression of individuals seeking a better life is actually a welcome way of life for this planet.

We also see that he is an outspoken socialist:

Maybe  I should not have asked if he wanted a cookie. I should have demanded that he give me a cookie! Spread the wealth!

Shame on Victor Leonel Quintero!

Here is the link to his Facebook page.

Why not send him a direct message and ask why he has so much hatred for men and women who support a Presidential candidate he does not like? Why does he want to arrest Arpaio? I tried to get him to answer these questions, and he just blared a stereo in my ear ...


  1. Typical Communist thug taking advantage of the Freedoms he deplores.