Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Muratsuchi's Trump-Hadley Fraud Fails: South Bay Councilman Switches Endorsement to Hadley

Al Muratsuchi has to be one of the worst, most incompetent politicians in the region.

He is running in a deep blue state. His Presidential pick is bound to win California's 55 electoral votes, and yet public sentiment has lined up behind Republican Assemblyman David F. Hadley.

Muratsuchi has recycled them same sets of pictures and attack ads from 2014, which did not overcome the voter inertia in the 66th Assembly District.

He has also shied away from vicious attack ads against Hadley, like the ones he had used in 2012 against Craig Huey.

Check out this video, where I confront Crooked Al for his nasty--and false--attack ads against Huey, and how he has no right to criticize or cry "unfair" about Hadley's ads.

Instead of answering my questions, he insisted on playing the "Trump Card", as though that would shame or dissuade me from asking questions.

The Trump-Hadley signs were the worst, saddest, and just plain stupidest campaign crock I have seen in a long time.

David Hadley announced in a well-placed editorial ... in July! ... that he was not voting for Donald Trump. Around the same time, Muratsuchi showed how out of step and out of touch he was with the South Bay community and with reality by showering fulsome and foolish praise on Hillary Clinton.

Young voters, especially the voters he intends to win in the eastern region of his district, despise Crooked, Lying, and Desperate Hillary Clinton. Why would he hitch his broken-down empty wagon to a Wall Street hag who will do or say anything to get elected?

The Trump-Hadley signs are a total bust.

The news media jumped all over this trashy campaign attack.

The Daily Breeze reported on the deceptive nature of the signs:

Title: Assemblyman cries foul over Trump-Hadley signs erected by opponent

Accurate to a T.

Normally, the media will spin any story to favor the Democratic candidate.

This article did a pretty decent job of presenting both sides of the story.

The red-and-white Trump-Hadley signs drew swift condemnation from Assemblyman David Hadley, R-Manhattan Beach.

“I have never supported Donald Trump and I’m not supporting him now,” Hadley said in a telephone interview Monday. “I’d love nothing more than to have him step down and be replaced.”

Hadley’s prior public statements that he would not vote for either Trump or Hillary Clinton does not absolve him of responsibility, Muratsuchi strategist Mike Shimpock said.

“He refuses to take a stand, he’s opting out,” Shimpock said. “He’s saying, ‘It’s OK if Trump is elected as long as I’m not to blame.’ ”

Notice how Mike Shimpock is doing all the talking. Where's Al? Does he not have the courage to stand by his slimy attack? Well, as you saw in the video, Al would not answer any of my questions, but just kept attacking me and kept talking about Donald Trump.

Now, what else has been the fallout for Muratsuchi's desperate deception?

One of Muratsuchi's endorsers broke away from him and is now endorsing David Hadley!

Steve Zuckerman, Rolling Hills Estates Mayor Pro Tem

In a press release, the Assemblyman informed the public:

"Finally, I call on South Bay leaders to reject these dishonest tactics and embrace my effort to try to represent the entire South Bay. Just Friday, Rolling Hills Estates Mayor [Pro Tem] Steve Zuckerman--a No Party Preference registered voter who had previously endorsed Muratsuchi--offered me his endorsement in response to these tactics. I welcome the support of other South Bay leaders."

It says a lot about a candidate that he loses an endorsement.

A No Party Preference candidate has no real partisan loyalty to any candidate.

Mr. Zuckerman has a long resume of government service. It is understandable that he would support a Democrat. There's a liberal bent to his diverse positions on governing boards.

What is particularly outstanding about Zuckerman's endorsement? He is not supporting the incumbent Assemblyman not because of ideological reasons, but because of character, integrity, and moral standing.

These values cut across ideological spectra. This kind of support will resonate far beyond the Mayor Pro Tem.

Muratsuchi now possesses a reputation of fraud and deceit. Hadley has maintained a profile of integrity and honesty. If nothing else, voters are looking for that kind of public service, which reaches out and listens, even if people disagree with some of the policies or votes which the candidate or incumbent stands for.

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