Sunday, October 9, 2016

Al Muratsuchi Won't Repudiate La Raza/Jimmy Gow Hate -- Why?

Al Muratsuchi has been playing the race card for a long time.

He was a left-wing radical at UC Berkeley, force-fed the notion that the answer to the world's problems rests in minority grievance.

Yet the Democratic Party has a history of racism stretching back to Ante-Bellum days.

The Democratic Party defended slavery and wanted to expand the detestable practice.

They rejected the Civil Rights movements of the 1870s and also the 1960s.

They targeted black people to stay dependent on the government.

Let's not forget that a Democratic President and his liberal Congress approved interning 120,000 Japanese-Americans just because they were Japanese during World War II. That action was one of the most abuse manifestations of executive power in our country's history.

It was wrong, and the Democratic Party stood for it.

Today, Al Muratsuchi stands with this abusive ideology.

He has refused to condemn the actions of the racist La Raza group which attacked the South Bay Impact Republicans.

And he has not denounced Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow for joining and supporting the abusive behavior of these protesters:

The Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow joined with La Raza hate-mongers, who stormed a private event in West Carson, specifically at a Veterans Hall.

The private meeting centered around a meet-and-greet with Sheriff  Joe Arpaio.

Instead of respecting private property and protesting on the public sidewalk, La Raza racists took over the front of the building.

The disrupted the commerce of other businesses next to the Veterans Hall.

One of the protesters then stole the phone belonging to Johnnie Maul.

Other members of the group started pushing and shoving members of the South Bay Impact Republicans.

When the organizers called the Sheriff, they moved to the sidewalk.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio refused to be intimidated by their petty hatred. He even decided to meet with the protesters and offer them a cookie.

Instead of demonstrating a modicum of respect, this is the reception they gave them:

Jimmy Gow standing in the  middle, with sunglasses

This is wrong. This is hate. This behavior is beyond outrageous.

And the Torrance Democratic Club President stood in the middle of this hateful display and approved of it.

Yet Muratsuchi stands by Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow, who stands by and supports this behavior.

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