Sunday, September 24, 2017

Judge Roy Moore Means Business! Major Fundraising Haul


Tomorrow morning my campaign will determine whether or not I'll be forced to scale back or even cut out critical portions of my 48-Hour GOTV Program.

Arthur, this is the last email I’ll be able to send you before tonight's midnight deadline.

And right now we’re short of having the funds needed to run this critical operation FULL THROTTLE until the polls close on Tuesday.

The strength of our GOTV Program depends on whether or not we reach our fundraising goal before midnight tonight.

Can I count on you to chip in $5 or more IMMEDIATELY to help me reach my fundraising goal and deliver a knock-out blow to McConnell and the GOP elite?

When the bell rings Tuesday
Arthur, I need you in my corner with me.

But time is running out.

So please chip in an emergency donation of $5 or more to help close the gap before midnight.

Thank you in advance for standing with me!

God Bless,
Judge Roy Moore

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