Thursday, September 21, 2017

Signs of Betrayal: Maxine Waters' DC Office

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has betrayed her constituents continously.

It doesn't matter how much pork she brings into the district for pet causes.

The truth is that she is all about herself and keeping herself in power.

Nothing more.

Today, I received this interesting message on Facebook from a follower of mine. She pointed out a clear Biblical sign that exposes the essential treachery of this woman:

Good day to you... Was viewing the videos you shared of your trip to D.C (Awesome thanks for sharing) and came across the one with Chanell Temple outside Waters Office... 

The numbers 2221 of Waters office jumped out at me.. My grandmother may she now be Resting In Peace would often say...Watch the numbers they'll have a message... You both may find this interesting on the numbers 2221 "BETRAYAL":

 "But, behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table." (Luke 22:21)

By the "hand" is meant, not figuratively the counsel, contrivance, and conspiracy of Judas to betray him, as the word is used in ( 2 Samuel 14:19 ) but literally the hand of Judas, which was then dipping in the dish with Christ, ( Matthew 26:23 ) and it follows here, is with me on the table; and is an aggravation of his sin, that one that sat with him at his table, ate bread with him, and dipped his morsel in the same dish, should be the betrayer of him, according to the prophecy in ( Psalms 41:9 ) as well as describes and points at the person that should do this action, even one of his disciples; for which disciples, he had just now said, his body is given, and his blood is shed. The phrase, "with me", is left out in the Syriac and Persic versions. From Luke's account it appears most clearly, that Judas was not only at the passover, but at the Lord's supper, since this was said when both were over.

Thank you for your efforts. blessings to you and yours..

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