Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Most Corrupt County In American (San Bernardino County): BUSTED! By Grindall61

This is incredible.

San Bernardino County is supposed to be one of the last remaining Republican strongholds in the state of California.

Yet the corruption just flows like a corrupt, flooded sewer.

The pay-for-play, the lucrative contracts, the wastes of money, the expansive Agenda 21 follies--all of this is overwhelming the district.

What's worse, Republicans who had served in Congress for over 30 years--like Jerry Lewis--have now given over to the Agenda 21 corruption.

This is just untenable.

RINOs like Alan Wapner are manipulating government regulations and raising taxes and fees to enrich themselves.

Then there's Aquanetta Warren, who wants to get big money for her campaigns.

Then there's Curt Hagman, who was supposed to be a spokesman for all the taxpayers.

Instead they all scratch each other's backs and give one another raises with taxpayer dollars.

When does this insanity stop?

It stops when people like Tressy Capps, Gary Gileno, John Willis, and other outraged citizens rise up and shout ENOUGH!

These elected officials have gotten away with putting their hands in the cookie jar for so many years. They see nothing wrong with this corrupt behavior. Perhaps because they are Republicans (at least on their registration forms), their hard-core conservative supporters have let them get away with it. After all, too many GOP grassroots are so polite and nice, that they wouldn't say "Shh----t" if they had a mouth full of dung in their mouths.

For those who want to end these corrupt practices, for the men and women who want to see a government of the people, for the people, by the people, they need to start turning over tables and stop praying pious niceties in their homes.

Corrupt is corrupt, and it's time for citizens of all backgrounds to reject this hateful disdain for working people in our country--especially the state of California.

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