Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trump Gives McCain a Twitter Beating (Thank Goodness)

Another reason I love Donald Trump!

He is not afraid to give a severe lashing to the US Senators who have defied the will of the voters and undermined the best cause for We the People.

He says exactly what is on our minds, and he gives spleen to our frustration.

Check out one of his latest tweets:

Trump is paying attention to the needs of Arizona voters more than their own US Senator!

We need to repeal Obamacare, and the Graham-Cassidy compromise is better than nothing at this time.

The only downside to this proposal is that if states like California or Rhode Island like their Obamacare, they get to keep their Obamacare--and that means that blue state conservatives like me are stuck with bad health care and a terrible, horrible, shrinking health insurance market.

Will California end up placing me under a similar health insurance mandate? Will I have to pay through the teeth for bad health insurance? Worse yet, California could jump feet first into a single-payer scheme.

Then again, the even bluer, more progressive state of Vermont tried to go single-payer, and they Democratic trifecta (at the time) ended up backing away from the whole proposal because the tax hikes would have been astronomical, hurting tax payers so hard that all of the businesses and individual home owners would have simply fled the state.

So, what happens if the states choose to be laboratories of different kinds regarding health care? Let is be that way, then.

Get rid of the Employer and Individual Mandates for starters. Cut government dependence on federally subsidized Medicaid. Let the states figure out how to allocate the funding, whether to pursue health insurance exchanges or to get away from government-run healthcare entirely.

Getting back to John McCain ...

What is wrong with this creepy old senator? He has no interest in doing what is best for Arizonans. He hates President Donald Trump, and he hates the anti-globalist, anti-crony heartbeat of the American people and our President.

He also has stage four brain cancer, and we all know that the latest surgery probably affected his judgement even more than the last 30 years he has spent taking up space in Washington DC. McCain is no maverick. He is a pain in the neck.

At least our President has no qualms about slamming him before everyone in the world! Shame on McCain. He deserves to be pushed out of office, and the rest of us in this country deserve representation which will advance our best interests as taxpaying citizens.

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