Monday, September 25, 2017

Smart: Desperate Progressive Dem Plays Working Class With Hollywood Actor

Now this is really sad.

Sherrod Brown is the out-of-touch male version of Elizabeth Warren US Senator from Ohio.

He defeated Republican incumbent Mike DeWine in 2006 during the historic shellacking of the Reopublican Party in a six-year itch under Big Spending, Big Government George W. Bush.

Then he was able to eke out another victory in 2012, even though Barack Obama's agenda was on trial--and failing fast.

Brown faces his third state-wide election bid, and he has been consistently under water in all the polls. The truth is that the Democratic Party brand is so bad, so elitist, so anti-American, that he cannot resonate with working people in the Buckeye State.

So, his latest fundraiser eblast is tacking into this working-class veneer.

But he's doing so with the endorsement of an enraged, arrogant elitist Hollywood celebrity: Martin Sheen.


See it for yourself:

Hi Arthur Christopher. I'm Martin Sheen.

I may not be a real-life President, but there are three things I've learned about real-life politics.

First: What's happening right now in America is not normal. The rhetoric coming from Washington is hateful and in opposition to the values of inclusion and equality America was built on.

Second: To protect the principles we care so deeply about from the extremely partisan atmosphere -- like access to health care, a secure retirement, or investments in education or infrastructure -- we need to keep good lawmakers in place.

Senator Sherrod Brown is one of those lawmakers. He doesn't just talk about progressive values; he embodies them. He fights for them. He's an authentic leader.
Third: We need to step up. Never doubt that a group of concerned citizens, however small, can make a big difference.

I've played a lot of roles in my career. A Captain in the Vietnam War. The uncle of a young superhero. A liberal U.S. President battling an opposition Congress.
But in real life, I'm a guy from Ohio. I was born in Dayton. My mom was an Irish immigrant and my dad was a factory worker and machine inspector.

Sherrod is one of those rare lawmakers that lives up to the trust we place in him as an elected official. He puts Ohio families first, last, and always. That's the guy I want representing my family in the Senate.

All the best, and thanks for helping Sherrod.

Final Reflection

Sherrod Brown is facing an epic defeat next year. In Buckeye territory, President Trump's pro-American, pro-worker agenda resonated like no where else. Trump stumped the Democratic Party in the state, and the political appartatus has his own hand-picked, pro-American successor in charge. Much like Pennsylvania, a Rust Belt state which has grown more conservative not just Republican, Ohio is shifting further toward the outsider/populist temperament which propelled President Trump to the top of the polls, the Republican Party nomination, and finally the Presidency.

Poor Sherrod! You're going to need more than the father of the drunken, stupored "Hot Shots" actor to save your diminishing chances of re-election in 2018!

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