Saturday, September 23, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Get Rid of Governor Brown!

Hi Arthur, 

I was wondering why (you) Citizens in California cannot start , or is it started a petition to Remove That POS governor you have ?  Many years back some of my family that were living ( born and raised) there signed petition to remove governor, that's how Arnold got into office. 

I strongly believe someone like you, if not you consider running for Governor? Must find someone to replace that POS governor. ASAP. 

Last week I met two different families that moved here. One moved from CA saying he had to get his family out of there, Governor is crazy. The other family moved from Florida to be closer to ( husband's ) mom who lives in CA . I responded why not CA instead a state away?  Family said , mom said don't come here, it's gotten really bad . They are now in process of moving  her here. It's tough when you own a home and it's where you have lived for decades to just pick up and move. I remember watching one of your videos where a board member, politician maybe he was , said if you don't like the changes move to a Red state, well it's not easy for people, especially older folks to pick up and leave because corrupt politicians want and are changing their state, in this case California into hell. 

I appreciate the ones that stay and fight for California . We love California. It has so much beauty. Its truly an amazing State. 

I believe God is preparing you, Arthur for something BIG!!! Maybe governor, yeah maybe? 
Thank you to all, that fight the corruption in California. 

God bless you all,

Your friends in NV

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