Friday, September 29, 2017

Cheating Chad Mayes Readies for Election 2018--Will it Matter?

Cheating Chad Mayes is gearing up for a big re-election spree.

He spit in the face of working Californians.

He lied to their faces while he was cheating on his wife and the Republican Party which had backed him in past elections.

This man was supposed to lead the Republican Party of California into some semblance of victory. Instead, Mayes wants to be permanent minority leader, a part of the arrogant little faction of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County and other leadership outfits more interested in losing than recognizing that they are wrong and need to change direction.

So, what does Cheating Chad have going for him into the election next year?

From Election Track:

Mayes has lots of money.

But remember, incumbent US Senator Luther Strange was loaded with PAC and Chamber of Commerce money, too, and he got thumped by Judge Roy Moore, a conservative populist with clear insight into the heart-felt issues that resonate with Alabama voters.

Two conservative outsiders have already launched respective bids to take out Cheating Chad.

Let's hope we can put him away for good!


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