Saturday, September 23, 2017

More Winning: Democratic US Senator Losing in Key Rust Belt State

The winning never stops.

I promise, though, Mr. President, I will never get tired of winning.


I want more winning! I want all of the loser GOP RINOs who do not support our agenda to step out of office. They need to resign, they need to go away very quickly and never darken our doorsteps again.

The victories awaiting the Trump Republican Party will be YUGE against the vast majority of Democratic US Senators up for re-election next year. The Democratic Party faces a horrendous battleground map, having to defend 23 seats, and at least ten of them are in states which either Trump or Trump and Romney one during the two previous election cycles.

One of the targeted US Senate seats is Ohio!

The incumbent, a reckless progressive Democrat named Sherrod Brown, has been consistently under water ever since polling began against his presumptive challenger Josh Mandel. Check out his latest plea for money:

I am down in the polls.

Yes Arthur Christopher, I do mean "polls" plural. Three polls of the 2018 Senate race in Ohio have shown us behind.

I’m asking you to rush in a $5 contribution to my campaign.
If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
Mandel: 45%
Brown: 42%

-- Gravis Marketing, 5/3/2017
Mandel: 49%
Brown: 44%

-- People's Pundit Daily, 5/6/2017
Mandel: 50%
Brown: 42%

-- People's Pundit Daily, 7/9/2017

One bad poll could be a fluke. Two could be a coincidence. Three bad polls could be a trend -- one we need to turn around.

As time goes on, we'll have to contend with more and more challenges. We'll be facing attacks from my likely opponent and his billionaire special interest allies. Let's make sure we do all we can now to turn this trend around. Give $5 or more toward our $300,000 FEC end-of-quarter goal.

We need to harness that power now. Give $5 or more toward our $300,000 goal.
Our average online contribution is $27. We build our campaign $27 at a time. It might take longer than having billionaires cut huge checks, but it works. We won in 2012 with grassroots power.

Final Reflection

This is excellent news.

The Senate Conservatives Fund has already placed their winning bets on Josh Mandel, and he has consistently polled within 3 to 8 points ahead of Brown--and the election year has not entered into full swing yet.

Ohio is a working class state looking for good people who want to help them pay their bills, provide opportunity, and ensure basic public safety. Brown's record in Congress has done just about everything to undermine all of those simply necessities which government should be providing.

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