Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Maine Governor Paul LePage Orders Pine Tree State Sheriffs to Comply with ALL ICE Detainers

Maine, otherwise know as the Pine Tree state, has shifted from becoming a reliably blue state to a red state over the past 8 years.

What happened? Barack Obama happened. The blue dog Democrats of Maine wanted to see government that put the needs of average folks first. That was not happening with Barack Obama at the helm.

In 2010, one outspoken candidate, Paul LePage of Lewiston, ran in the Republican primary. He was bold, he was blunt, he was the proto-Trump, outspoken against corruption and government waste, as well as the destruction of our culture

Maine GOP Appreciates Governor LePage Effort To
Protect Maine & American People
Governor directs Maine County Sheriffs to comply with ICE
illegal alien detention requests
AUGUSTA – Maine Republican Party Chair Dr. Demi Kouzounas released the following statement today in appreciation of Governor LePage's directive to Maine's county sheriffs directing them to comply with detention requests from ICE.

We appreciate Governor LePage's expectation and directive that Maine's county sheriffs work with the federal government to comply with detention requests for individuals who are not in the United States legally,” said Chair Kouzounas.

The Governor's letter makes clear that he has the authority to issue this directive, and it is the right thing to do,” added Dr. Kouzounas. “As a party, we have deep respect for our county sheriffs, who keep Maine people safe across Maine, and we hope that all sixteen sheriffs across Maine will work with ICE and the federal government to comply with these requests.”

Let us not forget, we are talking about individuals who are not in our country legally, and who are currently being detained by law enforcement after breaking our laws,” said Dr. Kouzounas.

This is about keeping our streets safe for the people of Maine,” continued Dr. Kouzounas. “One or two Maine sheriffs should not put our system in peril because they wish to not obey our laws and constitution, and instead put illegal immigrants who are in custody ahead of safety and the rule of law.”

Our team stands ready to support the sheriffs who work to protect Maine people, and to make sure that the rare sheriff who refuses to comply has to find a new line of work.”

You can read the Governor's letter to Maine County Sheriffs here:

The winning never ends!

Notice that the first day that Governor LePage was in office, he issued clear directives to all law enforcement officers, the county sheriffs in particular, that they had to comply with federal law. No illegal aliens would be allow to remain in the United States, free from federal detainment and deportation.

Incredible! Of course, notice that the press did not cover this necessary order. At the time, January 2011, the country was just getting revved up to take back the country little by little from the corrupt Barack Obama and his Democratic Party cronies.

Republicans are gaining ground like never before in a state which hadn't gone Republican since 1988. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the Republican Presidential candidate picked up one electoral vote. That was also the first time in the state's history that the electoral tally was split because of the Congressional proportional representation at work in the state.

This is just great!

I am so glad to see executives putting the needs of Americans, their own citizens, ahead of illegal aliens, and ensuring the public safety of all within their jurisdictions! This letter is especially impressive because the Governor lays down the law clearly and firmly, and even asserts the right to remove lawless, wayward sheriffs who refuse to comply with federal immigration laws!

We could really use a leader like that in California and all over the country.

And if anyone has a problem with that ...

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