Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WINNING! Fresno County GOP Meeting With Sheriff Joe Arpaio SOLD OUT!

Freedom of Speech will not be silenced, even in California.

The Fresno County Republican Party invited Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be a keynote speaker.

The razor-blade snowflakes came out in full force, planning to do everything they can to shut him down and chase him out.

They tried the same thing in 2016, about a month before the election.

Check out the video:

Here is a full take on what the SJWs did to veterans and on their property:

I am so proud of the Fresno County GOP for standing their ground and inviting the sheriff to speak!

Fresno County Republican Party thanks you for your support of our 1st AND 2nd Amendments Celebration with Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

We are SOLD OUT for this great event, but you can still show your support as we stand up for our values and Constitutional rights and let the left know we won't be bullied into backing down...we welcome and appreciate your donation.

Thank You for Your Donation!

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