Thursday, September 28, 2017

BURN IT DOWN: RPLAC Goes Bust,"Spell Check" Maruca Leaves

Controlled failure has become the norm for the California Republican Party.

There is no clearer example of this than the Republican Party of Los Angeles County.

Instead of supporting volunteer clubs, the Executive Board spent more time undermining them. They attacked the Mountain View Republican Club because they wouldn't play ball with RINO Kash-N-Kari, who was a total liberal on every issue that mattered. Yes, he did a great job vocalizing the widespreading corruption with teachers unions, but other than that he spent more time kicking Republicans in the face and doing everything to pretty much hand the re-election bid back to Jerry Brown.

Then there was the whole Beach Cities Republicans debacle. The corrupt Central Committee leadership, including Janice "Caught in a" Webb along with Gary SCAM-inoff and his live-in for-hire girlfriend Maureen Johnson. (Did you leave your car at that Marina Del Rey bar again, Maureen baby?!).

Of course, there's the new County Chairman, Richard "Do Nothing" Sherman along with Andy Gimme-Candy, the New Permanent Minority leader who doesn't care about the needs of voters or business owners, many of whom are simply fleeing California.

Now comes the next blow to this corrupt enterprise.

The overpaid personal secretary for the empty RPLAC enterprise, Jason "Spell Check" Maruca is leaving the herd.

Here's the latest eblast from RPLAC:

RPLAC Banner

It is with sadness that I write to inform our membership, that
our Executive Director for the past four and a half years, Jason
Maruca, will be leaving RPLAC to pursue other opportunities in
the world of politics. 
Jason has been an invaluable member of our team, and played a
significant role in turning RPLAC into a credible political
organization. With so many diverse regions, issues, campaigns
and personalities, organizing such a large political operation was
no easy task, and Jason played a major role in creating a fully
functioning county party, focused on winning elections. 
We will have an announcement shortly regarding the RPLAC
team moving forward. Our goal is to make this transition as
smooth as possible.

We all owe Jason a debt of gratitude for his tireless efforts on
behalf of RPLAC. We wish him great success in all his future
Thank you all.

Hi My name is "Munger Puppet"
Except Munger just took his hand out of my a----"

Richard Sherman
Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Well isn't that something?!

"Hookt on Fonix werkt for mee!"
Jason Maruca is moving on.

Why, though?

Because Chuckles Munger Jr. has cut off all the money.

He isn't paying for the overhead anymore for the overpaid, costly hotel rooms where the useless Central Committee used to hold their monthly Executive Committee meetings.

How about that?!

Big Money has pretty much worked over everyone in Los Angeles County. Did the liberal Establishment fools really think that bending over for liberal loonies and the Big Money RINOs like Charles Munger Jr.s was going to work out for them in the end? Wow, they sure got played didn't they!

Ha Ha!

Munger cut off the money, and now they have nothing left! That's what you get, folks, when you dishonor your base and lie to the public about hard-working conservatives who want to Make California Great Again and stop the political corruption eating away at this entire state.

Then again, though, what's the point of trying to sell people on our brand when our own party is just as corrupt?!

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