Tuesday, September 26, 2017

GoFundMe: Help Repeal Top Two Prop 14 in California

I personally endorse every effort possible to end Prop 14, the jungle primary initiative which has further limited the power political parties, but even worse has hindered the rights of every Californian to vote for qualified candidates regardless of party.

The Top Two "Reform" has given us nothing but Democratic candidates, especially at the statewide level. In 2016, two Democrats were running for the United States Senate.

This is beyond disastrous.

We just cannot have a thriving, vibrant democratic political culture if choices are taken away from us and we get sandbagged with liberal vs. liberal.

We need choices, and we need to allow for multiple parties and candidates to run.

We also need to enable write-in candidacies, which will empower us all the more to network for the best candidates when the establishment choices are completely unacceptable to us.
Tom would like you to support
Repeal the Top Two in California
by making a donation and helping spread the word.
The Top Two Candidates Open Primary Law in California is a bad law (formerly Proposition 14).  It allows only the Top Two vote-getters in Congressional and State Elective Offices to move forward to the general election.  All other Parties and candidates do not appear on the general election ballot.  That's not representative government.  The top vote-getter of each Party should appear on the general election ballot. As an example, 34 candidates ran for the U.S. Senate from California.  The top two vote-getters in that race were both members of the same Political Party.  That's NOT representative government.

I filed an Initiative to repeal the Top Two in August.  Petitions will become available in late October or early November.  Funds are needed to pay for the cost of the petitions, including printing, distribution (mailing), collection and filing with county election officials and travel expenses.  This is a huge State.

I'm retired.  I have done this on my own, putting in over $175,000 of my time and several thousand dollars out-of-pocket.  I live on my pension and social security.  I have the support of 5 out of 6 California's Parties with the 6th to come onboard in October.  But, the need for working capital to hire staff and take on the costs indicated above, is now.

This is an unusual request with others in need, but this repeal means the difference between what our Constitution provides and ignoring "We the People."
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