Friday, September 22, 2017

Updates on the Siege of Sanctuary Cities

There is so much winning going on in the Southeastern Los Angeles County Communities.

So much winning. The Seige pof Sanctuary Cities is growing stronger by the minute, and the Brown Supremacist Left has no idea what to do.

Last month, they hosted a "Deport Racism, Deport Hate" rally at Clara Street Park, which went absolutely nowhere since no one really showed up, except all the political losers who are vying for some kind of political career. Senator Ricardo Lara showed up, of course, along with the key Brown Supremacist Silvia "Diet Pills" Merlos.

The fact that only a bunch of isolated loud mouths made their presence known all but assures that their base of support is splintering off.

Two cities are under siege at this time: Cudahy and Huntington Park. Maywood is in the target zone, too, but only if the city leaders don't manage to throw their own city under the bankruptcy bus through their own abortive leadership first.


So, in Cudahy four Democrats and one Republican square off against each other.

The four corrupt little children on the city council, starting with Mayor Chris "Brown Supremacist" Garcia, have aroused so much ire in the city. They want to shove marijuana dispensaries down the throats of every resident--in a city that is one square mile.

What are they thinking?

The last city council meeting was a complete disaster for the Establishment left in the city, especially Chris Garcia's hatchet men Alan Garcia and Edin Enamorado.

One has to wonder how the left-wing Millennials in the city intend to accomplish anything as they shove one progressive agenda item after another onto the hard-working, taxpaying residents.

Jack Guerrero has been the only adult on the dais, giving a voice to the frustrating crowds of residents. The last city council meeting was particulary noteworthy, since the mayor has turned into an absolute tyrant who will not permit any clapping our applause. Even worse, he engages in repeated selective enforcement of the rules of decorum, since he gives Alan Garcia a pass, but if one of the anti-corruption members of the audience turns their heads or gives a sigh, that person is ruled out of order. It's totally nuts.

The disrespectful disregard for the rules of decorum as well as the rule of law has enflamed everyone in the city. I was surprised to note after the meeting that some of the residents went up to me and asked me to help them with recalling Chris Garcia and helping to stop the marijuana zoning laws!

I am more than happy to, but my primary focus is to end the sanctuary city designation and to restore respect for our country's federal immigration laws. Besides, the activists in Cudahy could teach the rest of the state and the country a thing or two about civic engagement.

Edin even mocked his own fellow city residents, calling them "bigots".

How shameful is that!

Now, I can report that the momemtun to repeal the Utility Users Tax is gaining steam. The city clerk and city attorney could not prevent the signature gathering on this crucial issue. California residents have no need to wait for AG Jeff Sessions to begin cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities (Even though his department has already done so).

Reports indicate that city residents are intent on recalling Chris Garcia and perhaps pushing an initiative to overturn the marijuana dispensary ordinance forced on the city at the last city council meeting. Not only that, but more residents are learning about the corrupt Nativo "Voter Fraud" Lopez and his corrupt connections to Santa Ana politics, the Brown Supremacy Movement, and the unwanted marijuana business.

Huntington Park

American Children First Founder Joseph Turner worked a second time with Daniel Salazar and Nick Iaoniddis, aka Nick the Greek to file their second attempt at the Utility Users Tax repeal. This time. Donna Schwartz was accomodating and cooperative, whereas the last time she ran away as soon as she saw the cameras, then we had to settle for Lieutenant Alfred "Full Capacity" Martinez filing the paperwork. At that time, we were also told that there was no need to pay a filing fee.

Of course, even then we suspected that they were all playing games with us! Lo and behold, the initial filing was rejected, since they "found" the statute which requires a filing fee. Well, everyone was ready for second round to file.

And we did it!

Joseph Turner files paperwork with Nick the Greek

After filing the UUT repeal initiative, Joseph and I went to the Huntington Park Police Department, where I filed formal complaints against three officers:

1. Chief of Police Cosem Lozano--the same Cosme who fled from me when I confronted him about not filing the police report regarding my unjust arrest on June 6th:

Here are the videos taken for this action:


Followed by:

Activism can be fun! There is no reason for any citizen to feel powerless in the state of California, no matter how overrun it may with corruption, bigotry, and lawlessness.

Let's face it: The Huntington Park Police Department has no interest in filing the case against me.

They have no case! I have a sense that they are delaying any kind of filing because they know that the District Attorney is going to kick it back in their faces. This abritrary arrest may even invite investigations from the county or the state into the corrupt, unethical practices of the police department and the city council.


I haven't mentioned what happened at the September 19, 2017 city council meeting, either!

The Brown Supremacists, aka Diet Pills, Jaguar Red Heifer, Madame Swann, etc have not been showing up! This time, they were all gone, and We the People Rising had the complete run of the meeting.

The Huntington Park neighborhood watch also showed up, with their shirts on and their voices raised. The city close up Freedom Park, which had a community center for them to hold their meetings. Why did the city close up the park on them?

Why indeed? Now the proponents for the UUT repeal can meet with them and return more of the hard-earned money back to the Huntington Park citizens.

Final Reflection

In spite of the legal and on-the-street wrangling of months past, the seige of sanctuary cities as actually proceeding well.

The local politicians are freaking out over what We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and American Children First are accomplishing in these regions. We are sticking the lawlenssness to these corrupt politicians and city staffers--especially the police departments. These fools have no ideas whom they are messing with.

We have a dedicated cohort of men and women of all backgrounds who are tired of seeing the illegal alien destruction overwhelming our cities.

We want the rule of law back in California, and we want every city and citizen to enjoy a state where prosperity, opportunity, and justice abound once again.

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