Saturday, June 4, 2016

Weekend at Bernie's Immoral Economy

As I was reading last Sunday's front page cover of the Torrance, CA The Daily Breeze, I found the same anti-capitalist canard which has propelled demagogues and statists from generation to generation.

"We need a moral economy!" blazed the headline, with Bernie Sanders standing in front of a podium, with "A Future to Believe In" posted across the front.

The crowds in front and back were waving the same sign.  "Hope and Change" did not turn out for these voters, and that's why they have surrounded

Bernie Sanders thinks that the current state of the economy is "immoral."


Individuals are working a forty-hour week, and they cannot live on that salary.

Why have so many people lost their jobs? Why is economic recovery so slight? Why have prices for basic goods risen so high?

People cannot afford quality health care. Fewer doctors and greater demand has pushed up the cost of health insurance, too.

Yes, so much costs so much more, and yet so few seem able to pay for it, whether with a lot of a little.

He's right. We do not have a moral economy right now, but not for the reasons he proffers.

The very remedy he proposes will exacerbate the problems. Bernie Sanders is pushing a double-down socialist agenda: not an economy of sharing and caring, but an economy of taking and redistributing.

More government creates more inequity. More intervention by the state creates more inequality.

Why is the economy struggling for many, then, and a boon for the few?

Because the few have taken over considerable leverage--the levers of power in state legislatures as well as the federal government. The lobbyists on K Street manipulate the rules they write to their advantage, and Main Street pays the price.

More people are the poorer, and Sanders wants to shower more government "benefits" on them. Bernie wants to bless the populace with the same had that slapped them then stole from them! How is it moral, that men and women who do nothing demand that those who work pay for their sloth?

This indictment just as eually applies to corporations, both their easy subsidies and welfare bailouts.

If men and women will not work, then they should not eat.

Problem solved.

What does Sanders propose?

Socialism, or legalized theft writ large.

Its consequences are destructive.

Yet today, we have a nation filled with spoiled miscreants who have been taught envy and grievance as a way of life.

San Pedro, California is a heavily-influenced union town.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union membership swarmed the Port of Los Angeles, and they wanted everyone to see how hard they would work to make Bernie Sanders the next President of the United States (if he lives long enough to make it)

Labor unions have crystallized unfairness into an awesome, awful whole.

Members are forced to join. This is collectivism.

Members are forced to pay due. This is theft.

Members are forced to subsidize the dissemination of opinions which they oppose, which they find repugnant, even contradictory to their best interests. This is tyranny.

One key player in the rigged economy? Labor unions.

Lo and Behold, Bernie Sanders playing to his base.

Now let's talk about all those big bad nasty millionaires and billionaires.

If wealthy people are buying up influence in the corridors of power to enrich themselves at the expense of the rest of us, then that is indeed immoral.

But the problem is not the wealth. The problem is the influence peddling.

There is nothing wrong with being rich. Widespread poverty is just as "equal".

Bernie Sanders wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor, or more importantly the politically connected. He is no Robin Hood, since the medieval legend actually stole from the politically connected to give back to individual peasants. Robin Hood was in the business or restoration.

Bernie Sanders is in the business of rapacity.

If people want a moral economy, then we need to seek a free one.

We need to see less of the state--with its insiders--picking winners and losers. No more taxpayer-funded bailouts for Wall Street, yes indeed.

But no bailouts for labor unions, either.

An economy based on trade and trust, not fear and force, will ensure the moral economy we wall want to see.

A moral economy is the free market, where supply and demand determine winners and losers, and where losers can learn, reinvest, and become winners.

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  1. Sandbaggers and Moonbeam are gloating with glee over this dumb poo flinging job they pulled off.