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Reflection on Aunt Janice's Gun-Control Sit-In

Last week, I wrote the House Democrats: "Sit on it!"

They should have sat on their hands along with anything else to expose their utter uselessness.

Congresswoman Janice Hahn (D-San Pedro) decided to host another gun-control sit-in at Port of Los Angeles High School.

Give me a break!

Let's cut the crap, again.

Aunt Janice is running for Board of Supervisors. Her little community event to declare war on the Bill of Rights was a big show-but of a media stunt.

She had lots of adoring, liberal fans. 100 people showed up to cry, grieve, and deplore the sad state of affairs of gun violence.

All this talk, all the time. "We must stop the gun violence! End the violence now!"

I know San Pedro pretty well. I was really pleased to find parking so quickly. When it comes to parking, how can anyone forget that Aunt Janice once approved parking meters in San Pedro, which hurt local businesses without bringing in any real revenue. Then the meters were removed, causing the city to break even on the whole wasteful venture.

Heckuva job, there Aunt Janice!

So, she has leap-frogged from LA City council to Congress, and now she's running for LA BOS.

And she wants to replay the gun-control sit-in of her lazy, do-nothing colleagues from last week.

Before the meeting, I walked by a number of police officers, Port police as well as LAPD. She had at least twenty police officers in and around the area.

Janice Hahn talking to Fox 11 reporter Ed Levine

Before I entered the school building, I noticed Rep Hahn answering questions for Ed Levine. I wasn't going to let her get away with softballs. During the interview, I asked her very directly about this no-fly no-buy idea.

"What about Tom McClintock?"

 His name was on the no-fly list, and he had to fight to get the confusion cleared up. An Irish domestic terrorist had the same name.

Another woman had to fight for eight years to be removed from the no-fly list. The lack of due process should alarm anyone about using that measure to determine who may or may not purchase a firearm.

One of the Los Angeles Times' reporters recorded my first confrontation with Hahn:

At first, I did not know why she was willing to pause and talk to me.

Now I know why. The Los Angeles Times had a camera on her!

But she had tried to get by and ignore me before. Check out this video here.

I spoke with one of the reporters, and told them that they needed to ask harder questions.

Then the meeting started to gather more people.

And then more people starting pouring in:

Then people were standing in the back as well as filling in all the seats:

I am glad that I showed up early, in spite of everything that was going on.

You could tell that Aunt Janice was going to suck as much publicity as she could out of this event. Before she introduced colleagues and community leaders, she showed the wavering wanna-be gospel preaching of Rep. John Lewis on the House floor before the Democrats sat down for 25 hours.

Watch the video here, and watch her reactions to the video, too!

A few leading members of the community, many who fight gang violence, spoke at the gathering.

You really have to feel for the family, friends, and neighbors, all of whom have lost loved ones to thugs, criminals, and the mentally ill. Notice that I did not write "gun violence", as though it is some kind of ephemeral evil.

Someone holds the gun, someone fires the gun, someone kills someone else. It's that simple.

Steve Bradford was also there. Hahn reminded everyone that he was a former assemblyman. Don't you think they ought to know that he is running for state senate?

He talked about all those gun-control bills he helped pass. Then he remarked that some days, he didn't remember if he was a Democrat, since legislators have to "work together" to stop gun violence.

Democrats in San Pedro love to talk about "bipartisanship", because for a Los Angeles-area Democrat, that basically means "We get our way, and Republicans go away."

A doctor from Harbor General Medical Center (located in LA County property, with a Torrance mailing address, and also residing in Janice Hahn/Isadore Hall/Steve Bradford territory) described the terrible gun violence he has to witness, treat, and overcome every at the hospital.

No question about it. There is too much gang violence in the Los Angeles Harbor-South LA region. The answer is not more gun-control. The doctor gave no solutions for stopping the gun violence, either. At the end of the sit-in, the doctor walked away from me rather than give more information about stopping gun violence in an effective manner.

Then the meeting was open to the public to comment.

People lined up right away.

Of the hundred plus attendees in the room, only two people spoke in support of the Second Amendment and opposed Hahn's proposed "No Fly, No Buy" legislation.

Matthew Bybee spoke before me. Here are his remarks.

Notice how rude the audience was. They would not allow him to speak without the chorus of boos and "you're lying" behind him, trying to drown him out. As everyone knows, leftists support freedom of speech ... as long as you agree with them.

A young man spoke ahead of me. He was reticent at first to speak out, and even considered going last. He has asked me what to do. I told him that everything was going to be fine, and just speak.

Not only did he make a statement, the news captured the sad story of his sister killed in a shooting.

I really feel for the friends and family of violent criminals.

For that reason, I spoke in favor of the Second Amendment, and expanding access to Concealed Carry Weapons permits.

Here are my comments.

Once again, you will notice that the audience was very rude and disruptive because they did not agree with me. One crazy lady kept shouting "You're lying! You're lying!" At the end of my comments, I asked the woman to explain: "Why am I lying? How am I lying!"

It was a good moment to confront some of the audience and play the "civil rights" card against their disruptions. I talked about the Islamic terrorism, too. It amazed me that everyone else in the audience would not face this simple fact. When Aunt Janice claimed that her suggested legislation would not infringe on Second Amendment rights, I told her that was not true. I also reminded her--a second time--that the no-fly list argument is flawed.

Then came James Preston Allen. He gave his Random Lengths spiel about progressives and the little homes for the homeless. He also shared with everyone about my freuent contributions to his newsletter, probably one of the good reasons for reading his progressive rag, if there are any left. He also enumerated some strange arguments about the Second Amendment, like the fact that it was of "secondary importance" to the First Amendment.

Does that mean the abolition of slavery, as outlined in the 13th Amendment, was a much-less significant amendment?

A few other strange, left-wing highlights from the crowd included:

1. A teacher who hoped to see a statue of liberty made from melted guns in the Los Angeles Harbor.

2. A photographer from Random Lengths News.

3. A young activist from Organizing for Action.

4. A lawyer who claimed that most serial murders are committed by white people (what's her point? Not sure ...)

At the end of the meeting, Aunt Janice reminded everyone of her long resume (not many accomplishments, though). Notice how she characterized the House majority as reckless gun fanatics. The fact is that Congress is not going to waste time taking away people's rights on the Second Amendment.

Aunt Janice had numerous chances to repeal Obamacare. She had a number of opportunities to secure our borders, to stop the insane spending, to ensure full empowerment of the Bill of Rights in citizens' lives.

But no, taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is more important, enough to violate due process for every other voter in this country. Sure.

She then told everyone to call Speaker Paul Ryan's office and demand a floor-vote. She relived the glory of sitting on the House floor.  Of course, she forgot to mention that this "sit-in" was catered, with lots of media attention. Whoopee!

Final Reflection

Gun-control is not the answer. Conservatives should take up this mantra, the same way the Left tries to shame critics into silence with "Hate is not the asnwer."

Los Angeles County in particular, and California in general have the toughest gun laws on record.

Lots of murders, lots of gun violence, lots of moments of silence still ensue.

How about Chicago, Illinois? The gangs don't care about the rule of law, or the rules on the books to restrict gun ownership. The Windy City is winding up as a massive, bullet-riddled graveyard.

Gun control doe not control guns. Read, review, repeat.

Janice Hahn enjoyed her little media stunt, but pro-Second Amendment supporters like Matthew and me enjoyed good press and media coverage, too, in order to inform the "Sit-in" and the viewers at large that this problem will not be solved with more "Kumbaya" followed by "GimmeYaGuns".

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