Sunday, June 26, 2016

There Should Be No Floor Fight Over Trump at the Convention

Republicans who do not like Trump, and who do not think that he should be the GOP nominee need to sit down and relax or just not show up to the convention in Cleveland.

Look, I supported three different candidates for President:

1. Scott Walker
2. Bobby Jindal
3. And finally Ted Cruz.

You know what? None of them made it.

Donald Trump won by record margins in state primaries, open or closed, throughout the country,

If you do not like the outcomes, then agitate for the RNC to take necessary steps to change the rules of the future.

For any uprising of voters, delegates, or frustrated partisans to thrown out the convention over Trump's fair victory is just ... unfair.

And wrong.

And immoral.

The party leaders and the elected officials--particularly those in Washington DC--have routinely failed to fight for our rights.

They have refused to do what is best for the country.

More of part leaders are proving themselves to be dedicated globalists rather than committed constitutionalists.

You don't like Donald Trump? Look, I am they guy who slammed him as a Democrat, who derided his rhetoric and his hold on reality, and still calls him a rodeo clown.

A bad-ass rodeo clown, by the way.

The delegate revolt in waiting is all wrong.

There should be no floor fight.

Donald Trump won the necessary delegates to clinch the  nomination.

Deal with it.

For the Christians, the pro-family advocates, and the pro-biology fighters who want the proper recognition of man and woman, you already have the power to make the necessary changes and restoration in our society.

Politics is about the art and advocacy of the citizen,

For too long, we have forgotten all of this.

You do not have to like the people who are running for office, but sometimes their pattern of actions better serves us.

There were teachers which I did not always like, but still I learned so much from them.

Men and women who have served our country in combat endured some of the most difficult, oppressive training imaginable.

But they are glad that they went through it.

No, frustrated conservatives, the answer to your Trumper-Tantrums is not more lawlessness.

George Will chose to leave the Republican Party. Fine.

Red State editor Erick Erickson and Media Research Center Brent Bozell are still pouting. Ben Shapiro is an inspiring conservative fighter for the cause, too.

Yet like the other two, he needs to get over the fact that Trump is the nominee, whether they like it or not, and trying to derail his chances will not guarantee much good for the country.

Instead of throwing a fit their fizzled advocacy of Walker, Jindal, or Cruz, they need to ask why their message about free markets, free enterprise, and free people is no resonating with average Americans. The message needs to start permeating back into our local schools and cities. The blogosphore, convention-o-sphere, the seminar-o-sphere is not enough. Working people who are suffering the greater brunt of hurt, upset, and outrage from the Big Business, Big Amnesty, Big Homosexual Lobby buying up both side of the aisle in Washington DC.

And yet … many of the media outlets are not really concerned about these real-life concerns. Conservatives lament the growth of the state, the hampering of the free marketing, the attacks on the sharing economy. What are they doing about it?

The theo-cons, of which I am proudly one of them. Steve Deace and I were seeing eye to eye all the way until the end, i.e. when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, losing traditionally conservative Indiana by double-digits, and not one delegate. Right now, I don’t have clear answers about why Cruz and the Christian coalition failed. Bitterness towards Trump’s nomination will not solve this problem, and pre-empting the convention will only make matters worse.

Then there are the neo-cons. Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol needs to recognize that overseas nation-building is not in the best interest of this country right now, and a strong America focused on its own domestic needs will ensure a strong Israel in the face of the weak, weakened, rabid Islamic tyrannies throughout the Middle East.

There concerns have been ideological, not imminent or realistic. In this regard, Beltway conservatives have lost touch with the rough life and times of working, striving, struggling Middle America,

Get over it, people. Stop fighting it, Never Trumpers.

He won the nomination. Just go with it or go away.

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