Friday, June 10, 2016

Stop Anti-Religious Bigotry: Vote NO! on SB 1146

--This bill would gut the First Amendment of private schools and other religious institutions.

Here is key text from the bill which is raising alarms all over the state:

This bill would limit the religious exemption from the Equity in Higher Education Act to certain educational programs and activities of a postsecondary educational institution that is controlled by a religious organization. The bill would require an institution that claims an exemption from either the Equity in Higher Education Act or Title IX to make specified disclosures to the institution’s current and prospective students, faculty members, and employees, and to the Student Aid Commission, concerning the institution’s claim for the exemption. The bill would require the commission to collect the information it receives and post and maintain a list on the commission’s Internet Web site of all institutions claiming the exemption and their respective bases for claiming the exemption. The bill would specify that an individual who is denied equal rights or opportunities on the basis of gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation by a postsecondary educational institution that claims the Title IX exemption may seek appropriate remedies through civil action for violations of the Equity in Higher Education Act. The bill would specify that its provisions shall not be construed to alter how state financial assistance is granted or denied to any postsecondary educational institution or students attending that institution. an educational institution that is controlled by a religious organization and has participated in the Cal Grant Program continuously since January 1, 2016, shall not lose its Cal Grant Program eligibility for its failure to comply with the Equity in Higher Education Act. The bill would make the provisions of the Equity in Higher Education Act severable.

"A California state bill its sponsors say will prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity at private universities is threatening to expose faith-based schools to enormous legal threats, school officials warn."

This bill will allow the state to discriminate against private schools of faith.

Under the guise of ending discrimination against  "gender identity and sexual orientation", this bill is actually aiding and abetting the aggressive, anti-science, destructive LGBT agenda.

This bill must be stopped.

Californians from all over the state will be calling their assembly representatives to stop this monstrous intrusion on the First Amendment.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Huntington Park)

Here is the current history on the bill:

BILL NUMBER  : S.B. No. 1146
AUTHOR  : Lara
TOPIC   : Postsecondary education: nondiscrimination.
                Majority Vote Required
                Non-State-Mandated Local Program
                Non-Tax Levy
June 6  Referred to Coms. on  HIGHER ED. and  JUD.
May 26  In Assembly.  Read first time.  Held at Desk.
May 26  Read third time. Passed. (Ayes 26. Noes 13. Page 3957.) Ordered to
        the Assembly.
We urge every member of California MassResistance to call their assemblymembers to vote NO! on this bill:

Use this list to find your California assemblyman!

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