Thursday, June 2, 2016

Open Letter to "Progressives"

A lot of people--particularly--believe that our society needs to be more open, tolerant,


How do they define progressive, however?

How is individual license run rampant "progress"?

What is good about the erosion of borders, and the erection of "tolerance" as the Supreme Being above all others?

The race for who can be more inclusive has created a society where more people feel excluded.

Demand what should be versus what is -- that is a recipe for more pain.

Let's take a California example of this fight, and expand on it.

Sean Flynn jumped into the race for Congressional District 31.


A conservative Republican was already working the precincts, preparing for a rematch against the incumbent freshman Democrat Peter Aguilar.

Who is this Sean Flynn?

He wrote a book called "Economics for Dummies."

But ...

He has donated to Democratic candidates in the past.

He is getting lots of money from liberal donors, too.

Some Republicans have also invested money in this Democratic Plant.

He is liberal on key issues, apparently, and will not answer direct uestions on marriage or family when pressed by concerned conservatives.

Over the last week, he released two very deceptive  mailers.

And yet a lot of young people are lining up behind him.


I suspect that they are attached to the flimsy argument that candidates must give up on the cultural issues.

Virtue is not as important as making lots of money and being left alone.

Yet prosperity and privacy cannot persist without eternal principles.

Rights are not entitlements, and must promote good, not evil.

The fight within the Republican Party, and within any movement, all rests on "Double-Down" or "Give a Little".

Too much "giving a little" has ended up giving up too much.

Liberty is not a partial commodity, but an eternal verity, or a non-existent fantasy.

So, to all the young "progressives" out there, please tell me why your attachment to "I don't care" and "Do as you please" is progress.

Our values and traditions, the life and liberty we enjoy did not come about from socially autistic self-interest.

Rules in place, morals founded on eternal verities, a recognition that the right and the good do not emanate from ourselves--this is true progress.

Something that does not stem from ignoring realities, are trying to achieve an ideal society through human machinations.

Again, what is the true and proper definition of progress? And how do these destructive, narrow-minded values further our lives?

(Hint: THEY DON'T!)

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