Saturday, June 25, 2016

"No Fly, No Buy" Doesn't Fly--So Don't Buy Into it

The gun control fanatics in this country won't stop.

Every time there's a massacre, or any violent gun crime, they use the action as a pretext to limit the number of firearms one can purchase, or how many firearms can be banned altogether.

Guns do not commit crimes.

Criminals do.

Gun Control does not control guns.

Gun Control laws only control law-abiding gun owners, but do nothing to stop gun criminals.

When will these gun control fanatics stop?!

The Democrats in the House staged a cushy, mushy sit-in to protest the lack of a vote for expanding gun checks, or limiting purchases, or just about anything,

Now they want to ensure that anyone on a no-fly list cannot purchase a firearm.

One problem--a number of people on this list are not terrorists, never were.

Consider Tom McClintock, the Congressman.

He was mixed up with another McClintock, an Irish domestic terrorist,

Another woman shared a harrowing story of the ordeals she went through to get off a no-fly list.

Eight years.

Due process is something that every citizen is ... due.

The Second Amendment is not a right to trifle with.

The more that the regressive left tinkers or tries to take away this right, the more that law-abiding citizens will dig in their heels to stop this insanity.

I am still a little disturbed by how insistent the gun grabbers have become.

They need to put in the corner and disciplined severely for the frequent insistence to take away people's guns.

Too many US citizens have read the stories of dictatorial governments which seize firearms.

Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China.

In today''s Germany, a country with some of the strictest gun laws in Europe, a mass shooting destroyed a theater and many lives. So much for gun control. Haven't any of the German people read their own history?"

The migrant crisis has endangered countless lives, including women, children, and minorities, particularly Jewish citizens throughout the continent.

They have every right to protect themselves, and it is outrageous that this fundamental necessity is stripped from so many.

This no-fly, no-buy nonsense does not fly, and no one should buy it.

I applaud US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for quashing the No-Fly No-Buy bill.

Susan Collins is a fool for thinking that such measures will protect us from gun violence.

Pro-Second Amendment advocates need to build their fight and go on the offense.

The left wants to limit the full exercise of the Second Amendment.

What are some policy reforms which would ensure and expand gun rights and ownership in our country?

How about relying on the "gay marriage" ruling to enforce "shall issue" concealed-carry in all states?

How about ensuring a secure border and the enforcement of our laws?!

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