Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Opening Comments to Torrance City Council--June 14th, 2016

Good Evening Torrance City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, long-time resident, life-long citizen.

First, I want to celebrate and congratulate Milton Herring, Mike Griffiths, and Geoff Rizzo on their electoral victories.

I am particularly glad for Pastor Milton Herring’s election. He was in third place during the early part of the ballot count, and then vaunted to first place.

His election is historic, not just because he is an African-American, and a Republican, but because of his moral backing and the widespread support he received in this community.
I underestimated his campaign last year, and I am glad that he stayed in and won.
This city is looking for new, moral leadership, where our elected officials serve in the public’s best interest, not just for the financial well-being of special interests.
I also welcome Mr. Griffiths independence and Mr. Rizzo’s measured appreciation for issues as they face the council in the years to come.

I want to further remark that the last-minute machinations of Congresswoman Maxine Water came to nothing, as the candidate whom she had endorsed was ultimate exposed as disloyal and untrustworthy.

No, the reason why these three men won on Election Day has nothing to do with race, bigotry, or narrow-mindedness, but an indication from Torrance residents who want good government, integrated representatives, and a respect for our balanced, conservative values.

Last of all, I wish to share my deep condolences for the tragic massacre which took the lives of forty-nine Americans, and wounded many more following the Islamic Terrorist attack on the Pulse Night club Sunday evening.

Regardless of their personal choices, or their, these men and women did not deserve to die.
LIE-Lani endorsed By the Crazy Black Lady

This terrible act of terrorism in Orlando Florida was not the result of gun ownership. Gun Control will not solve this problem. Imagine if more individuals in that club had possessed a concealed-carry permit. Where law-abiding citizens can exercise their Second Amendment rights, you will find more law-abiding citizens, since wicked miscreants like Omar Mateeen would think twice about attacking any place where someone possess a firearm.

This massacre is a result from the ongoing pattern of despicable political correctness, practiced by our current President and the media at large.

The assassin was a devout, radical Muslim. Twice the FBI had profiled this man. He had professed his radical adherence.

It’s time for people in this county to put aside the skittish political correctness which has silenced so many from speaking the truth.

We are not just talking about radical Islam, or a few lone-wolf fanatics. Islam itself has a problem.

And I am not saying this myself. From atheist Bill Maher to the Egyptian leader to the son of the Founder of Hamas, Mossab Youseff-who is now a devout Christian—Islam has a problem.

For now, though, I will just congratulations to Milton Herring, Geoff Rizzo, and Mike Griffiths for their Election win.

Thank you.

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