Friday, June 10, 2016

LGBT Bigots Discriminate Against Black Pastor

Bishop Ken Adkins of Georgia has not shrunk from the fight against the aggressive, destructive homosexual agenda.

He has taken controversial turns to voice his concerns.

He took on the Big Gay Hate Machine in Jacksonville, Florida and helped crush their attempt to expand a "Human Rights Ordinance"--really, a special rights entitlement for individuals who misidentify or engage in perverse behaviors.

He won the battle at the local level to stop this insane ordinance.

But the Homosexual Haters are bitter, and want to make a severe, fearful example out of him

They are attack the God-fearing bishop along the following lines.

Bishop Ken Adkins

Arthur Goldberg of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness informed me of the following:

"1. Concerning his residence, the owners of the quiet residential community in which he lives in Georgia were threatened by the gay activists that they would picket and create demonstrations against the Bishop in the community neighborhood and in front of his house. Rather than standing behind him, the landlords gave him and his family a 60 day eviction notice for potentially disturbing the "right of quiet enjoyment" of his fellow tenants. He is seeking to find a new residence and to move his family." 

Notice that the mere threat of loud, disruptive demonstrations terrified the landlord. Nothing actually happened. There is an easy response to this petty thuggery: "Bring it on!" Demonstrations have to be civil and respect. Noise ordinances diminish the extent of any demonstrators' impact in a region.

Notice, however, how they homosexual activists attack their home, their residence, their base of operations. The Alinksky-ite Left has learned that the power of threats is far more effective than the actual act of protest.

"2. Concerning his faith based public relations firm, the activists pressured several of his major clients and succeeded in getting 7 of his major clients to no longer use his services and thus severely cut off his cash flow. His firm is thus in serious financial jeopardy and in order to survive, several of his 11 employees may need to be laid off."

Pressure! Shame! Fear! Human emotions are powerful, and overwhelm reason. "We will take down your businesses if you continue doing business with that bigoted bishop!" It's a small cost to the clients to stop working with one provider. It's a huge loss for the provider, though. This kind of targeted, unrelenting boycott is a big part of the left-wing play book to silence all opposition.

"3. As to his quest for justice in an unrelated personal injury lawsuit, his original attorney resigned his representation.  The attorney who dropped him cited Bishop Adkins "beliefs" and the attorney's own "family situation." (Apparently the attorney had a gay son who wanted Dad to drop the case).  See e,g,  The attorney was one of the leading plaintiff attorneys and is known to be able to get really good settlements. So, now Bishop Adkins has had start over again and engage a new negligence attorney to represent him and hope that he can still collect a decent settlement."

Habitation, profession, representation.

Personal, polarize, demonize.

This is the Saul Alinksy "Rules for Radicals" play book at work.

Christians, pro-family activists, and advocates for trut and justice need to stop whining and complaining. They need to stop getting huffy and surprised about such perverse attacks from the cowardly left.

We need to turn these tactics onto the very Big Gay Hate Machine!

Check out this link, and find out which businesses, community leaders, and special interests are supporting this destructive pattern of behavior. 

Let's also consider helping out the good Bishop Ken Adkins. He deserves the support of the Body of Christ!

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