Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Maine MassResistance Fights Back in the Culture Wars

I am now an active member of MassResistance.

California MassResistance is not the first out-of-state chapter, though.

Virginia MassResistance opened up, and there is a Maine chapter, too, with active pro-family members who don't stop resisting the Big Gay Hate Machine.

How do many homosexual activists impose their agenda onto private firms?

Non-discrimination clauses, which recognize "sexual orientation" as an identity.

It's a behavior, and a good culture, and healthy communities discriminate behaviors all the time.

Good parents raising godly children help them to choose what is good.

Discrimination for behaviors should not be removed or pushed away, but welcomed and respected

Find out what Maine MassResistance doing to stop the imposition of the homosexual agenda on our society:

The newest MassResistance affiliate is going for the jugular of the LGBT movement – the “non-discrimination” laws that they leverage so well.

We need to stop tinkering around the edges.

Pro-family forces need to stop holding onto whatever territory they have left.

It's time to take back the ground which rightly belongs to all of us.

As we all have seen, the LGBT movement uses the “sexual orientation” (and now “gender identity”) non-discrimination state laws (and local ordinances) as their first line of attack to push their agenda into schools, businesses, government, and other institutions of society.


Let's get rid of these pernicious codes.

Maine MassResistance is on the job.

Last September Mike [Heath] formed the group “Equal Rights, Not Special Rights” to bring the battle statewide yet again. Brian Camenker of MassResistance is on its Advisory Board. Mike has also been bringing together dedicated activists from across Maine. This month the group became a new affiliate of MassResistance!

In addition, since leaving the League, Mike has become an ordained Christian minister – fighting kind, not the bland social-worker type that permeate so many of the churches these days. It’s refreshing just to be around him, say many committed Christians.

The fighting kind, not the compliant, supine kind.

Check out this incredible verse of scripture:

"Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." (Jude 3)

It's not play time or run-away time. It's time to stand!

Mike Heath (left) readies the referendum

Starting in late 2015, Mike began putting together the plan for another statewide referendum to remove “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” from the Maine non-discrimination statute.

In March he and his group officially filed the papers and created a separate No Special Rights PAC. The ball was rolling!

Perspective is crucial in this fight. Maine is not a purple state, but a blue state. Thankfully, liberal Democratic infighting have encouraged strong anti-Establishment Republicans like Paul LePage to gain power in the state, and they in turn fight for clear-cut, pro-family values.

Bruce Poliquin was elected to the Second Congressional District, too: first pro-life and pro-family Congressman in the Pine Tree  State.

Unlike most Republicans, Paul LePage kicks butt, and doesn't pull punches. He fights and wins.

So does Mike Heath!

The media went crazy, and the LGBT activists are terrified, too.

Heath punched back and published the following:

No one can claim that ours is a virtuous society. The public looks with suspicion at each and every presidential candidate. One candidate is seen as boastful and proud, an abuser of women. Rumors of infidelity swirl about another candidate. Yet another is distrusted for wrongdoing in an official capacity.

And if we peer into the many deep cracks and fissures that now rend the fabric of our society — the opposition of left versus right, rich versus poor, man versus woman — we will see that our society has been poisoned at the root. The life-giving root of society is of course the relationship between man and woman on which the propagation and proper ordering of society depends. [Bold letters mine]

For that reason, I have spent a lifetime defending the proposition that all sex outside of marriage is immoral. I vigorously opposed and will continue to oppose such concepts as sexual liberation, gay marriage, polyamory, pansexuailty and the “hook up culture.”

The break-down of our culture stems from the destruction of the family. Sex outside of marriage is not just destructive for the people directly engaged, but for communities as a whole. The disregard for proper relations are tearing apart the fundamental fabric of our society.

Sadly, this is not a new story. Polybius the Greco-Roman historian witnessed the en masse implosion of the Greek city states because of the expansion of the state and the decimation of individual--familial--virtue.

Heath drives the deeper point home about the perverse Obergefell decision, which forced homosexual marriage on the entire country:

The decision in the Obergefell case was not merely incoherent; it was utterly and thoroughly perverse in the original meaning of that word — “twisted.” Extending a nonexistent right for members of the same sex to marry, in combination with a so-called gay rights law, has the effect of robbing the people of the United States of the most fundamental right of all, the right to act in accordance with one’s conscience.

The majority opinion in the case redefined liberty into a subtle form of slavery.

The Supreme Court majority opinion ignored biology, legal precedent, and the United States Constitution in order to create this terrible amalgam of marriage.

Heath has the courage to reject this nonsense. Heath has spoken out against "gay rights," which are neither gay nor rights.

It's time to repeal the "sexual orientation" protections in civil laws. Behaviors are not a right, and it's time for tyrannical special interests to act and demand otherwise.

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