Thursday, June 2, 2016

LIE-Lani and Pat Jr. Still Working Together

So, different names still use the same address.

Leilani and Pat Jr. are in collusion.


How shameful.

How utterly contemptible.

I tried to ask Leilani some basic questions about her continuing relationship with Pat Furey Jr.

She just ran away from me. Why was it so difficult to simply tell me the truth?!

How disgusting.

Here is another letter issued by a concerned citizen against the LEI-lani corruption::

Hello Patrick Furey Jr.:

I just wanted you to be aware that your RFC Communications website has been taken down since I posted a few links online.

You may want someone to take a look at that and restore it.
Also, feel free to correct me if I mistakenly said that you were part of RFC Communications.  After all, both the PO box and phone number match the numbers of Liberty Campaign Solutions, which is your company. Also the registration of the name listed on WHO IS is marked "Private" which also seems strange.

I checked Liberty Campaign Solutions -- and there is no longer a website there. What's going on?

(LCS is the same firm which Pat Jr. was working in).

Again, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. All I want is an answer made public as to your involvement in RFC Communications, and why was it changed in the first place.

I also have a screen shot of that in case you thought it would go away by taking down the site. 
I am not part of the angry crowd as a few have said about me, I'm part of the crowd that wants something better for Torrance and is always seeking the truth.

Truth is a good thing. Evidence helps a great deal, too.

Why is there so little of it from certain city council candidates?

This Pat Furey Jr. guy -- he is trying to tie up all the candidates and elected officials in Torrance.

Another betrayal of the consultant class.

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