Friday, June 3, 2016

Open Letter to Assemblyman David Hadley

Dear Assemblyman Hadley:

I recognize that you achieved the improbable, if not impossible.

You were the first elected Republican assemblyman entirely within Los Angeles county in ... decades!

A novel achievement, which can give way to more victories for the future.

And yet, your latest high-profile vote may have scuttled those dreams.

You voted for SB 10, legislation which would petition the federal government to allow illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on California's Obamacare state exchanges.

This is absolutely awful.

What were you thinking?!

I have contacted your office three times now, and I will not stop demanding the following:

1. An answer

2. A repudiation.

That vote was wrong. Totally wrong.

How could you do this?!

Just because you face a tough re-election bid does not mean that you should cave on this issue.

Illegal immigration is not a Republican problem, or a Democratic problem

This is a California problem, and the solution is not more lawlessness.

Not more enabling of criminal activity.


You spoke out against the sanctuary state status of California two months ago. I could not agree with you more.

Have you already forgotten that the very reason why you started getting involved in politics? The day that Obamacare passed, you share with your fellow business owners that you would invest 20% of your time in politics.

Like you, I and many other Californians began getting active in our local and state politics. 

Today, you are our--you are my assemblyman. Right now, I have to wonder if the victory of 2014 will devolve into disappointment and defeat for 2016.

I understand that in the state of California, Republicans, conservatives, and pro-liberty advocates have to pick their fights.

David Hadley (R-Torrance)

But that bill--soon to become law--is bad politics, bad policy, bad on principle.

Where is the fiscal discipline which you ran on?

Did you not argue time and again that we need to bring back balance to the state of California? That we have to stop the special, perverse interests eating away at our state from the inside out?

How does this treachery help the soccer Moms, the small businesses, the schools, the local control of our South Bay communities?

Where is the commitment to making California a state that is better for your children and grand-children?

Do you not understand the consequences of this terrible legislation?

This waiver to the federal government will most assuredly be granted.

The medical system in California is crashing all around us. Doctors, medical personnel are fleeing the state.

We have homeless veterans who cannot get adeuate care.

Men and women struggle to pay their monthly bills, and now they will have to cover the cost of illegals on the health care exchanges, too?

Assemblyman, I do not diminish your service to the state in passing school choice for military families.

Nor have I forgotten your efforts to pass civil asset forfeiture reform.

But this vote on SB 10 is betrayal, pure and simple.

You must apologize and repudiate this terrible vote!


Arthur Schaper
President, Beach Cities Republicans.

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