Sunday, June 5, 2016

Last Ditch Effort to Stop SB-10

SB 10-which will allow illegal aliens to apply for Covered California (Obamacare), passed the state Senate yesterday and will now proceed to the Governor’s desk. It seems our only recourse is to inundate the Governor’s office with emails and phone calls, urging him to ...


Here’s how the voting went:

AYE—26 Democrats and 2 Republicans (Vidak and Cannella)
NO—10 Republicans (including Bob Huff, who has normally caved on immigration issues.)
NOT VOTING—2 Republicans (Nguyen and Runner)

If ALL the Republicans had voted NO, this bill would not have passed (a 2/3 vote was necessary because this bill was deemed ‘urgent’). Puzzle: even though this is labeled ‘urgent’, it is not ‘operative’ until 1-1-2018 and not ‘effective’ until 1-1-2019—we’re working to answer that.

This little tid-bit is good news.

By the time the bill turned law (if Brownie signs it) is enacted, the whole Covered California canard will flop, big time.

Let's hope that market forces will accomplish more justice and good governance than our legislators!

Also, this bill is contingent on a Federal waiver, as Obamacare bans illegal aliens from access to any coverage.

A waiver for illegals? How about a waiver for Americans who can't afford anything?!

Interesting aspect: the bill specifically prohibits disclosure of any information obtained from the applicant (illegal alien) to anyone outside the issue addressed in the bill (insurance)—therefore ICE can’t be notified?. The fiscal assessment states that this bill (the illegal alien will be paying a premium, with no subsidies) will cost taxpayers millions of dollars for the creation and maintenance of the system. This bill would also act as a magnet to draw illegal aliens from other states, other countries.

Yes, indeed. California is the Sanctuary State for illegal aliens, by and large.

So, if we want to have any further effort to stop this insanity:

FIRST PRIORITY: call Governor Brown 916-445-2841 


email copy and paste this URL or go to, drop down menu of ‘Government’, click ‘Governor’s Office’, then ‘contact’ and fill in the form to email the Governor.

Optional, but very helpful:

Call your State Senator to thank them for voting NO, if that’s the case.

Call the Republicans who voted AYE, allowing the bill to pass:
Andy Vidak (Bakersfield, Fresno) 916-651-4014
Anthony Cannella (Merced, Salinas) 916-651-4012

Call those who voted ‘Not Voting’, why didn’t you stand up for us taxpayers?:

Janet Nguyen (Garden Grove) 916-651-4034
Sharon Runner (Victorville, Santa Clarita) 916-651-4021

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  1. Sadly, Governor Moonbeam and his fat pet monkey Gaffing Gavin Newsom will sign that bill. Baldy and his dumb accomplice are 2 dumb apes creating monkeyshine in Sacramento, flinging poo around the state.