Saturday, June 11, 2016

Where Does Chris Garcia Live? (Hint: Probably Not Cudahy!)

Numerous reports -- Numerous -- have informed me that Chris Garcia of Cudahy does not live in Cudahy.

Where do you stay, Chris?

His mother has a primary address in the city, and Chris Garcia supposedly lives there.

But check out these photos from Lawndale:

One of the cars has the following license plate:

Cudahy councilman Chris Garcia has been missing a lot of meetings.

He does not look people in the eye when he speaks.

He does not attend meetings, even though the city pays him as a city councilmember.

What gives?

Where does Chris Garcia live? Perhaps it's time for a private investigator to follow up on Garcia!

His girlfriend lives in Lawndale, and he supposedly lives there, too.

Here is more information I have received about Chris Garcia and his dubious location in Cudahy:

Confidential information Chris Garcia Cudahy City Council lives in Lawndale and uses his mother address in Cudahy

Mr. Garcia’s address in Cudahy is 4744 Live Oak Street, Cudahy, CA 90201 based on the address on file with the City Clerk 2014/2015. Garcia’s mom lives at this address with his step-father and two brothers. Theresa Gonzales is the landlord of the property and she lives at 4738 Live Oak Street, Cudahy, CA 90201.

Council member Garcia owns a dark blue Honda Civic, license plate #6MGW688 this vehicle is constantly parked overnight in the driveway at the Lawndale home where Garcia sleeps and lives. The property is owned by Garcia’s girlfriend Cynthia Mosqueda and the address is 14322 Grevillea Avenue, Lawndale, CA 90260


Perhaps it's time for more residents to ask uestions.

If Chris Garcia does not think Cudahy is worth living in, then he has no business sitting on the city council there in the first place!

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  1. wow!! Who the hell waste their time doing this. His personal life is personal morons!!! Why aren't we asking ourselves the following questions. Who brought all the anglo saxon Trump supporters to the last mtg? why didn't anyone stop the African American woman from bad mouthing our Cudahy residents!!! why is Mr. Guerrero against people of his own council? You are suppose to be a team! Or did Harvard not teach Mr. Guerrero about working with others.