Saturday, June 11, 2016

Torrance Target Losing Money, Going Bust

Target stores are taking a heavy hit all over the country.

Ever since the backward, regressive CEO decided to open up the women's bathrooms to men, ever since the liberal company wanted to play political correctness instead of respect the security of its customers.

I received the following note from a fellow pro-family conservative in Torrance:

According to my neighbor who works at Target. The Target on Sepulveda has been cutting employee work hours down citing a slow down in business.  Some employees have seen their hours cut by half.

California MassResistance protested in front of that specific Target twice.

My response: Ha Ha!

Yeah I thought you would get a kick out of it. I hope this continues until they fire the CEO or change their stupid bathroom policies.

Fire the CEO

It's about time.

Boycotts against rogue corporations accomplish a lot more than conservatives have ever considered.

Our efforts will be easier, since we are not taking on an abusive agency funded by taxpayer dollars, as the blacks in Alabama were fighting when they boycotted the Montgomery bus line.

The Target shareholders do know that their stock is plunging, and fast. California MassResistance sent the message loud and clear--stop the destructive and disorder trangender bathroom policy, or prepare for bankruptcy.

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  1. Love how all the comments were taken off whether it was for or against this ban, or just transgender people going to the restroom of their choice. I don't think you want trans men (women who now identify as men), want to go in the women's room as it's going to be the same situation in terms of women in the restroom not wanting a trans man in there. Doesn't make sense does it? ;)